Faber Swim Review - Private Swimming Lessons for Children


Faber Swim run private swimming lessons at the Faber Performance Centre on Stoneleigh Park. Find out what happened when we popped along for a session!

Faber Swim Review | Private Swimming Lessons in Coventry

Before I tell you about our visit, firstly let me explain a bit about Faber Swim. Faber Swim provide private swimming lessons for Babies, Toddlers, Children and Adults. Lessons are either 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 which is perfect for siblings or friends.

Baby and Toddler Swimming Sessions are designed to build water confidence through play and fun, while providing the opportunity to make ever lasting memories. Since the pool is private, you and your child can have a peaceful environment to fully immerse yourselves in the session.

Pre-School Swimming Sessions are designed for children to take their first steps to swimming independently without a parent. Sessions focus on building water confidence, technique and a love for swimming. No more distractions, no more noise, no more fear, no more shouting, no more large classes and no more teachers coaching your child from 10 meters away. The coaches at Faber Swim make the atmosphere perfect for your little ones to begin their swim journey.

Child Swimming Sessions (for children aged 5+) these sessions are for children of all swim abilities from beginner through to club swimmers and focus on building water confidence and technique. Classes are either 1:1 or 2:1 so really do allow the Faber Swim Coach to get to you your child, develop a bond and support them in progressing and achieving their swimming goals.

You can find out more about Faber Swim Private Swimming Sessions here!

Our Session at Faber Swim

Booking our Swim

To book our sessions, I sent an email to faberswim@outlook.com and had a very prompt response from Sarah. She explained everything fully, including how to find the venue, toilets, changing facilities, and all the latest Covid rules. Once we had set a date and time, Sarah sent over the necessary Health Forms for each of us, and then we were all set!

The Facilities

Faber Performance Centre is based at Stoneleigh Park, and it was quite easy to find (thanks to Sarah's directions!). There is plenty of parking and the entrance is next to the car park. There is a toilet at the entrance, and two changing cubicles right next to the pool, complete with baby changing units if required. With these being private sessions, the pool is in a separate room, however there is a viewing area where parents and family members are welcome to stay and watch.

The Pool at Faber Swim

The pool at Faber Swim is different to any pool I've seen before! Faber Swim sessions take place in their world class "Endless Pool" which is 4.2m x 2.2m with a counter-current system. Basically, the pool emits a continuous water flow which replicates open water swimming, and the speed can be adjusted to the skill level of the learner. The 32°C water temperature was lovely, and perfect for babies to enjoy their swim.

The Swim Coach

When we met Anna, the swim coach, we found her to be lovely and friendly and we warmed to her straight away. Despite being a little nervous, Grace had no problems chatting away with Anna, taking her hand and getting into the pool on her own. During both Grace and Ruby's sessions I found Anna to be very gentle, quietly spoken, and she definitely brought the fun to the lessons.

Where a parent is swimming with a baby/toddler, the swim coach wouldn't be in the pool, they would teach from poolside. For pre-school and child swimming, it would be dependent upon the confidence and ability of the child whether the coach would swim in the water alongside the child.

Grace's Lesson

Grace, age 4, is usually very confident in the water, but she unfortunately had a negative experience with another swim school recently. Therefore, I was very keen to make this a positive and fun experience for her, and remind her how much she loves to swim. Faber Swim didn't disappoint!

Since it was her first session, Anna used different games and techniques to determine Grace's skill level and to see how confident she was in the water. And because it was a private lesson, each activity was completely tailored to Grace, so if she didn't like something, she could stop and do something different.

Anna had a good selection of toys and Grace enjoyed playing with the ducks, floats and chasing the balls. She also enjoyed jumping in and making a splash! Anna used floats and a noodle to teach Grace how to swim independently on her front and on her back, and I feel she made some really good progress with her independent swimming.

By the end of the 30 minute session, I felt Grace had definitely got her confidence back, as well as her love for swimming. Anna was a brilliant teacher, and Grace listened really well to all of her instructions. By the end of the session Grace was quite happy swimming by herself with a noodle, and actually we had a hard time getting her out of the pool when it was Ruby's turn!

Ruby's Lesson

Next it was my turn with Baby Ruby, age 14 months. We had done a couple of baby swim classes before lockdown, which we loved, and we were both very excited to get back into the pool.

Anna took everything at Ruby's pace and she wanted to make sure she was happy and comfortable at all times. Anna told me how best to hold Ruby, and we practised swimming back and forth. We also practised holding onto the side of the pool, and "jumping in" off the edge. Ruby loved all the toys, so we spent a lot of time swimming after the ducks and chasing balls!

Although Anna was running the session she allowed Ruby and I some quality time together, which helped to make it a very special and relaxed experience for me personally. I have always enjoyed baby swimming classes, but they do tend to be fast-paced and noisy... so this was a really lovely change and I honestly didn't want it to end!

Faber Swim - Highly Recommended!

I would definitely recommend Faber Swim for Private Swimming Lessons for baby, toddlers, and pre-school age. I felt that Grace definitely benefited from the 1-to-1 session, especially considering she had a negative experience with her previous swim school. By the end of the session with Anna, she had really got her confidence back, which was lovely to see, and she's really looking forward to her next swimming lesson!

Our baby swim session was incredibly relaxing and I found it to be a really special bonding experience for Ruby and I. Anna took great care of us, whilst allowing us some space and time to just enjoy each other, and I didn't want it to end!

Faber Swim would be perfect for a new mum, who is perhaps a little nervous about taking their baby swimming for the first time. Anna takes everything at the baby's pace, and the time is very much yours to enjoy.

If you're interested, I would recommend getting in touch with the Faber Swim team to discuss your needs and ask any questions. Their website is www.faber.fit/swim where you can check availability or send Sarah an email at faberswim@outlook.com.

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