Skyscapes Events

Entertainer or Supplier


Skyscapes Events are an igloo hire company setting up special occasions in your own garden!

Skyscapes Events | Igloo Hire in Coventry

This fantastic local business offers cinema, dining, disco and picnic style igloo set ups and also any request! There are various themes available such as fortnite, unicorn and harry potter... so just ask the team and they will deliver!

Skyscapes Events are also an events organiser so can organise full garden set ups and parties - including items such as balloons, bar, gazebos and hot tubs!

There are no set packages or prices, as everything is bespoke to your event. Head to the website to find out more.

To discuss your event, contact the Skyscapes Events team:

About Skyscapes Events

SkyScapes was founded by Tasha & Andy in 2020. They are a couple based in Coventry and they run this business alongside their well-established careers in Buying (Fashion Retail), Commercial Photography, Digital Ecommerce and Customer Insight (Non-Profit) amongst other things. Moving into a new challenge together and fulfilling lifelong ambitions by running our own business are just a couple of reasons that we've decided to take this step.

Hopefully our new venture excites you as much as it excites us, we'd love nothing more than to go the extra mile to give you the best experience possible. Whether it's sleeping out under the night sky, giving your HotTub a shelter from the winter weather, an all in dining set-up or a bespoke theme of your choice we look forward to your booking!