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Reach thousands of families living in Coventry by promoting your party business on Coventry Rocks.

Do you provide Party Packages, Venue Hire, Party Supplies or Entertainment in Coventry?

The Coventry Rocks Kids Party Directory is a one stop shop for all your party needs! It includes party packages, balloons, cakes, bouncy castles, local venues, and more. When you advertise with Coventry Rocks, your listing page will be seen by thousands of families looking for kids party venues and suppliers.

In 2023, Coventry Rocks was visited by 399,000 users - all parents/carers looking for things to do in the local area. We rank 1st page of Google for a wide range of search terms including 'kids parties Coventry', 'kids party packages Coventry', and 'kids party suppliers Coventry' and we have over 13,000 followers on social media. View our Media Pack.

A feature page includes full details of your party business/venue, with booking, website and social media links, images, location (if applicable), and SEO. You will receive a log-in so you can manage your own page, enabling you to use it as a mini-website for your followers. It will also be shared on our Instagram and Facebook stories.

How much does it cost?

Annual PaymentMonthly Payment
Party Business (Package, Supplier or Venue)£80£8 per month
Community Venue (Community Hall, etc)FREEFREE

How does it work?

  • To submit your party business, click this link to create a log in. Please note this works best on desktop. Mobile site coming soon!
  • From the dashboard click "Create your page" then "Parties".
  • Follow the process step by step, adding in as much information as you can. Download our guide for tips for how to create a great feature page!
  • Save your progress if you need to, or click "Submit for Publication".
  • You'll be taken through to our payments page where you can pay by card. Once payment is complete, we will check and publish your page.
  • We'll also share it to our Instagram and Facebook stories!

Community Venues

If you wish to submit a local party venue such as a community hall etc), please follow the process above but select "community organisation" at the final stage. This will put your feature page through the process free of charge.

If you'd prefer to have a chat about your options first, send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook, or email'd be happy to help.