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Basement Browns Review: Great pizza for all the family!

Having walked past Basement Browns numerous times, my family and I decided to pop in one chilly Saturday lunchtime. Being heavily pregnant, I was craving pizza (any excuse!) and of course my husband and my daughter Grace didn't argue! So in we went.

Here are our highlights...

  • A variety of menus to suit adults, kids, vegan and gluten free
  • Super friendly staff
  • Colouring / puzzle sheet and crayons
  • Freshly made stone baked pizzas with heaps of toppings
  • Bottomless soft drinks and milkshakes
  • Good choice of alcoholic drinks including Craft Beers and cocktails
  • Homemade desserts and a fridge full of Ben & Jerry's
  • High chairs and baby change available

We were greeted straight away by a friendly waitress who showed us to a cosy booth. The decor was quirky, sort of rustic, with art on the brickwork walls. The waitress explained the Kids Menu to us and handed Grace a colouring sheet and a pack of crayons - always a winner! She mentioned there was a colouring competition on, so Grace quickly set to work on her masterpiece!

The Kids Menu was good value at £6.95 for a Pizza, a Side, and a Drink. Grace chose a Margherita Pizza with Fries and a Fruitshoot. Bottomless soft drinks were also on the kids menu which I thought was a good deal.

The Main Menu was pretty extensive! It explained the choices of sizes, toppings, and sauces, aswell as a full list of 'BB Originals' and 'BB Legends' to choose from. The sizes are:

  • Individual - this is the size on the kids menu, or perfect for a light bite.
  • Inbetweener - for one person - this is the size I had, which I just about managed to myself!
  • Family - a huge pizza, ideal for the whole family to share.

I made my own pizza with Ham, Mushrooms and Sweetcorn, and my husband picked from the menu the Deep South. We ordered some Halloumi Bites to share and a couple of drinks. I had a bottomless soft drink, and my husband had a couple of Brewdog Craft Beers, which seemed to compliment his meal rather nicely!

When Grace started to get bored and twitchy, I took her for a walk around, and she watched with amazement the pizzas going in and out of the oven. The staff all loved her and made the effort to chat to her, smile and wave. We headed down the stairs to the basement, and found another seating area and the toilets, which also has a baby change table, albeit rather compact above the loo.

And then the food came. It was a good job we were hungry!

It's fair to say I've never seen Grace eat so fast... her pizza was a huge hit! She finished it all, crusts included, and was asking for more!

The Inbetweener size Pizza is extremely generous for one person but I took on the challenge and finished the lot. All the pizzas are Stone Baked, super fresh, nice and thin, with heaps of toppings. The Halloumi Fries are highly recommended too!

It's worth mentioning that Basement Browns also have Vegan and Gluten Free Menus, you just have to ask at the counter.

Next up was pudding, which we talked ourselves into because they were so reasonable priced. A tub of Ben & Jerry's for Grace (after much deliberation at the ice cream fridge!), homemade chocolate brownie bite for me and cannoli's for my husband.

Apart from feeling very full, we didn't regret it! The cannoli's seem to be a Basement Browns speciality, with 4 flavours to choose from, and sitting on the counter to tempt you.

All in all, it was a very successful family meal out! As we all know, eating out with a slightly fussy 3 year old can be a bit of a pain, but our experience at Basement Browns was only positive. We felt relaxed, welcomed, Grace was suitably entertained, and the food was an absolute hit with everyone. We will definitely be going back soon, and would recommend it highly to any family who loves pizza!

Top tip! If you're planning to visit on a weekday, Basement Browns offer a couple of Lunch Deals. Perfect for a mummy meet up or a treat out from the office!

To view the menus, book a table or arrange a delivery, click here.

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