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PT in the Park - Fitness Sessions for Mums in Coventry

Are you looking for fitness sessions for Mums in Coventry, which you can bring your baby along to?

HH Fitness and Wellbeing are a brand new local business, who specialise in getting Mums out of the house, and keeping fit and healthy. Their new PT in the Park offering is proving very popular with local mums, and so we thought we'd give it a try!

I have been going to the PT in the Park sessions for around a month now, and so I thought I'd give you an open and honest review of what the sessions are all about. But first, let's hear from Hayley, the owner of HH Fitness and Wellbeing, to understand all about her fantastic new business...

Fitness sessions for Mums in Coventry

An Interview with Hayley from HH Fitness and Wellbeing

Tell me a bit about yourself!

Hi! I'm Hayley, and i'm the owner of HH Fitness and Wellbeing!

My background is in catering, I trained as a chef during college, and I have worked with food my whole life. I’ve always been passionate about fitness, and I feel fitness goes hand-in-hand with having a passion for food... I would much rather enjoy a delicious piece of cake and work it off, than deny myself completely!

I am originally from Luton, and I moved to Coventry 2 years ago to be with my partner and to start a family. I'm a proud mummy to Noah who is 9 months old, and keeping me very busy when i'm not working!

During my pregnancy I really enjoyed training with a personal trainer, it kept me fit and healthy, and it really helped with energy levels. I was worried I would gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, but I was able to keep it under control by working with my PT. After having Noah, I wanted to continue training at home, but I couldn't find anything suitable for new mums like me. This is why I set up my new business HH Fitness and Wellbeing.

After having Noah, I studied hard (mostly during night feeds!), and I achieved qualifications in fitness instructing, first aid, nutrition, nutrition for diet and exercise, anatomy and physiology, even a diploma in massage, I've really enjoyed all the areas I've studied, and I'm passionate about passing on my expertise to other new mums.

What is HH Fitness and Wellbeing?

HH fitness and Wellbeing is all about mums supporting mums. I really wanted to be able to give mums time to do something for them, as well as support their mental wellbeing. A lot of us are struggling with mental health issues, and it's easy to feel trapped as a new mum, or guilty, or anxious about how you look and feel. Exercise lifts the cloud, my sessions give mums some time to focus on them, to enjoy some mum-to-mum interaction, and there's no guilt because you get to bring your baby along!

What happens in your sessions?

My sessions are full body workouts and include the use of kettlebells, resistance bands and body weight exercises. Most of my sessions are held in a local park, but I also offer garden sessions if that is preferred. I always start with a consultation on the very first introductory session, where we go for a walk and discuss current fitness levels, what the mum is looking to achieve and what she is comfortable doing.

Who are your sessions for?

My sessions are specifically designed for mums, either with their babies / children, or without. My sessions are suitable for complete beginners, or for someone returning to fitness postpartum - I will make it work for you. I learn about each individual, and tailor my workouts to suit them, taking into account their postnatal stage, their fitness levels, and what they are trying to achieve. I do love to push people, but I will only do so if you want to be pushed... small improvements achieve great goals!

Can you also advise on diets?

Yes, I also offer diet plans. I have been a chef for over 20 years and I have a lot of knowledge about menu planning and nutrition. I am passionate about making healthy foods more varied and exciting, and I'm keen to help other mums to eat healthily too.

When and where are your sessions?

Sessions are available Monday - Saturday between 8am and 8pm. They are held at local parks including War Memorial Park, Longford Park, Allesley Park and Coundon Hall Park. If you would prefer to workout at home, then sessions can be arranged in your back garden, just let me know if this is what you'd prefer.

Can I try it out before signing up?

Absolutely! I offer an introductory session for just £10, so you can try before you buy!

How do I sign up?

You can get in touch with me via Facebook or Instagram to book your session. If you have any questions or worries then don't hesitate to give me a call on 07855328450 - I would be happy to talk you through it.

PT In The Park - A Review

I have been doing PT in the Park sessions for around a month now, and here is my open and honest review. If you are a mum looking for a fitness session in Coventry then I hope this is useful!

First impressions

I first met Hayley in the car park at War Memorial Park and she was incredibly warm, friendly and upbeat. She was wearing the jazziest leggings I have ever seen, and a big smile on her face. She was with her handsome little boy in his buggy, and having felt a little nervous, I quickly felt at ease.


At the start of the first session, we went for a walk around the park with our buggies, so Hayley could ask me some questions. We talked about how my birth had gone, how much exercise I was used to (not much!) and what my aims were for the sessions. I really enjoyed chatting away to Hayley, and it was great that she spent the time getting to know me so she could tailor my sessions to suit me.

The workout

Our sessions take place in a small area on the edge of one of the fields, behind some trees and well hidden from passers-by. I was quite relieved that Hayley had found this secluded spot, so I wouldn't feel self-conscious. Hayley brings everything we need to the sessions - a couple of kettlebells, resistance bands and a yoga mat.

We always start with a warm up, where Hayley guides me through stretches for each part of the body. Then we move into various exercises to workout the arms, legs, and abs. We use the kettlebells in different ways, to tone the different muscles in my arms, back, legs and tummy. We then do various exercises with the resistance bands, to increase the intensity of squats and lunges, as well as to workout the arms and core. Since I hadn't done much weight-training before, Hayley showed me how to use the kettlebells and resistance bands safely. I'm always surprised how I can get a great full body workout from so little equipment!

Bringing the baby along

One of the major benefits of the PT in the Park sessions is that you can bring your baby or children along, there's no need to find childcare! This was perfect for me, because my baby is still so young, we are breast feeding, and I wasn't ready to leave her yet.

I was initially quite anxious about bringing the baby... what if she wakes up, what if she cries, what if she's hungry... but I have learnt there really is no need to worry. Hayley is very relaxed and will flex the session to suit you, and your baby. I often have to stop to rattle a toy, put her dummy back in, even change a leaky nappy... its absolutely fine, and it's nothing to worry about.

My sessions have been different each time, according to what the baby is doing. In my first session she slept the whole way through (the dream!)... but that hasn't happened since! Sometimes she's happy in the buggy, sometimes she wants to kick around on the blanket... and when she's unsettled she wants mummy cuddles. "No problem" Hayley says, "just use her as your weight!" This has happened a few times, it's a great workout for me, and the baby seems to enjoy it too!

Feeling great

There's nothing quite like exercise to give you a boost of energy and make you feel great! It had been over a year since I had done any 'proper' exercise, and I had forgotten what a buzz you get after a workout. Even if I've been up all night and feeling tired, I will always feel so much better after my PT session. I'm also able to treat myself to some chocolate after a session, guilt free, because I know I've earnt it!

I've been doing PT in the Park for around a month now, and I am definitely feeling more toned, and stronger. But it's not just physically that I've been feeling better, it has really helped my mental wellbeing and confidence too. Over the weeks as I've got to know Hayley, I'm finding the sessions a lot of fun, and we chit-chat all the way through. It's more like working out and having a gossip with a friend! Because of lockdown, I have missed the baby groups and getting to know other mums, and so it's lovely to have met Hayley and have this time for myself.

Highly recommended

If you are looking for fitness sessions for Mums in Coventry, which you can bring your children along to, I would definitely recommend PT in the Park! Here's why...

  • You can bring your kids along, so you don't need to rely on grandparents or childcare.
  • The location is flexible, if you would prefer a park more local to you, then just ask.
  • You can arrange to have sessions in your back garden is this is preferred.
  • The sessions are completely tailored to you, your fitness levels, and how much you want to be pushed.
  • The workouts are simple, with minimal equipment, but very effective.
  • Hayley is very relaxed and as a mum herself, she understands the need to flex the sessions if your child is unsettled.
  • Fantastic benefits physically - improved tone and strength, and increased energy levels.
  • Amazing benefits for mental wellbeing - improved confidence, time for yourself, mum-to-mum interaction.

If you have any questions, or would like to give PT in the Park a try, then contact Hayley via Facebook or Instagram to book your session. If you have any questions or concerns then give her a call on 07855328450.

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