Newborn Photography in Coventry - Wish Photography Review


Newborn Photography in Coventry: Wish Photography Review

Wish Photography are a family run photography studio, based on Walsgrave Road in Coventry. They have been in business for over 30 years and their mission is to capture the special moments that make families smile.

For my second pregnancy, I treated myself to a pregnancy and a newborn photoshoot with Wish Photography. Since it is quite an investment for a lot of families, I wanted to give you an open and honest review of what the experience was like. You can also get an idea of the end results, dotted throughout this article. If you are thinking of booking a pregnancy, newborn or family photoshoot with Wish Photography, then I hope this review will be useful! Here goes!

Wish Photography Pregnancy Photoshoot

Why I chose a pregnancy photoshoot...

I loved being pregnant! I was extremely lucky to have two very smooth pregnancies and apart from the usual tiredness, I was fit and well. With a toddler to look after, my second pregnancy flew by alarmingly quickly, and I wanted to savour every moment.

A friend suggested I have a 'bump photoshoot', and initially I wasn't too sure. I'm not a particularly confident person, and I feared that I would just look big and awkward! I spent a long time browsing local photographers looking for a style I was happy with, and there was something about the Wish Photography portfolio that made me smile. I think it was how natural the photos were... all the pregnant ladies seemed to be glowing, and all the babies looked content and happy. So I made an enquiry to find out more.

Booking the photoshoot and bouncing ideas...

I had a phone call from one of the Wish team, who was absolutely lovely! She seemed genuinely interested in me, my family, and my pregnancy, and we had a long informal chat. I asked lots of silly questions, about what to wear, what to bring, what it would be like... and she put my mind at ease straight away.

A week before the photoshoot I received another phone call to check if everything was OK, and whether I had any specific ideas for the shoot. I hadn't given it much thought, so it was useful to bounce around some ideas around props that we could use. I had another look at the Wish Photography portfolio for inspiration and started to get excited!

On the day...

When we arrived at Wish Photography, we were taken upstairs into the photo studio. We met Abby, the photographer, who was super friendly and relaxed. Abby was really good with my 3 year old Grace, and had her giggling and dancing around straight away! We showed Abby the outfits and props we had brought, and talked through how the photoshoot would work.

Then we got started! I had felt shy and nervous at first, and a little bit awkward with my huge baby bump. But I soon relaxed into it, and Abby kept us smiling and laughing all the way through. The positions and poses felt completely natural, and we took our time with each one. We changed our outfits a couple of times and used a few different props - the baby's scan photograph, and some of Grace's baby clothes. The pregnancy photoshoot lasted about an hour, and seemed to fly by!

Prior to the photoshoot I had been worried that Grace would get bored, not sit still, play up... (and act like a typical 3 year old)! Abby was very conscious of Grace, and made her feel totally comfortable and important. She had a special way of making Grace laugh, which made for some beautiful photos of our little girl.

During our couples photos, Grace enjoyed watching and standing with Abby, making us laugh from behind the camera, which meant we looked totally natural as well. We don't have many nice photos of us as a couple, so these ones are really special.

Wish Newborn Photography

A spot of baby blues...

We had booked to do the newborn photoshoot when baby Ruby was around 1 week old. Unfortunately I suffered from the baby blues in the first few weeks, and I could barely get out of bed, let alone travel to the studio and smile in front of the camera! When the Wish team called to check the appointment, they were extremely kind and supportive, they understood how I was feeling, and left it to me to get in touch once I was feeling better. This was a huge relief and I was very grateful for their kindness.

Taking things slow...

Once we did get into the studio (when Ruby was around 4 weeks), we met with Abby again in the same studio as before. Abby spent the first part focusing on Grace, chatting to her, and making her feel comfortable so she wouldn't get jealous of the baby or feel left out.

Abby allowed us to take things very slow, and we stopped numerous times for breast feeding and nappy changes. Baby Ruby was very relaxed for most of the shoot, but when she did start to fuss, Abby would stop and let us soothe her for as long as she needed.

It was a really relaxed atmosphere, it felt as if we had all the time in the world and we didn't once feel rushed or pressured. Since it was one of my first trips out of the house, I was really grateful for that.

Newborn and Family Photography - Personalised Viewing

Viewing the photos (through the tears!)...

When I booked the photoshoot, I was told about a "personalised viewing" - but I didn't really know what to expect. When we went back to the studio a week later, we were invited into a cosy room with a large TV screen. We were brought a hot cup of coffee and told to get ourselves sorted and comfortable (snacks for Grace, more feeding for Baby Ruby!)

Once we were ready, our images were played to us on the big screen with some gorgeous music playing in the background. I'm not sure if it was the beautiful photos, the new mum hormones, or the sentimental music, but I couldn't stop crying! The images were far better than I had expected, and there were so many to choose from!

My expectation was that I would look big, tired and awkward in the photos, but actually I looked rather glowy and happy! The photos of Grace on her own are gorgeous, and they really show off her personality. Baby Ruby looks so squidgy and content in her photos, and it's nice to remember how relaxed she was on the day. And I love the photos of us as a couple, they don't look cheesy or awkward, we just look really happy.

Deciding what to buy...

The photos of the 4 of us are by far my favourites, and it was really difficult choosing which ones to buy! The team were super helpful and patient when we were deciding which images we wanted on our walls at home.

The prices are set out in packages: bronze, silver, gold etc, and it's worth checking these out before you have your viewing session, so you have a good idea of how many images you would like to buy. After a lot of procrastinating (!) we decided to buy a large framed picture of the 4 of us, and we also bought the digital images on a USB stick. I'm looking forward to getting those printed myself and framed for the house, the grandparents, and gifts.

Wish Pregnancy and Newborn Photography - Highly Recommended

From start to finish, the experience we had with Wish Photography was absolutely brilliant. The staff were kind, gentle, and helpful, and they made us feel comfortable right from the beginning. The photoshoots were very relaxed and informal, we had such a fun time, and this is evident in the end result. The final photos, as you can see, are beautifully natural, high quality images, that we will treasure for a lifetime. We are so glad that we have such happy snapshots of our newly extended family.

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If you are thinking of booking a pregnancy, newborn or family photoshoot, then I hope this review has been useful. Don't hesitate to contact the Wish Photography team via email or via the Facebook Page to ask any questions, or to book your photoshoot. You won't regret it!

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