Comication - Teaching Kids & Adults how to draw Comics!


Comication are a Midlands based company who are passionate about comic books and all things comic related. They want to educate people of all ages on how to draw comics, as well as support the mental health of local children and adults.

Comication - Teaching Kids & Adults how to draw Comics!

The Coventry Rocks team have spent some time getting to know Paul Morris, the owner of Comication. It was fascinating to hear how passionate Paul and his team are about comics, and how they are teaching local children and adults how to draw them! There are some fantastic online sessions available during lockdown, available to children of all ages, and adults too. But before you read our interview, watch this video to see what Comication is all about!

An Interview with Paul Morris - Owner of Comication

Tell me a bit about yourself!

Hi there, I'm Paul and i'm the owner of Comication! I was born in Leicestershire, but right next to Warwickshire, and I went to school in Nuneaton. I studied English and History at Worcester and Warwick, and I lived in Prague for three years where I taught English as a foreign language.

My career has been in media, communications and publishing, and I have been writing crime fiction as P.J Nash since 2010.

Why did you set up Comication?

I have always been interested in books, publishing, and photography. I hadn’t really looked at comics since I read the Beano as a child - however in 2019, I attended a Business Start-Up course where I met a comic artist. That was my ‘down the rabbit hole' moment! Since then I have become really interested in the comic renaissance that has occurred in the UK. Lockdown meant that many artists suddenly had the time to dedicate to projects!

Why comics?

I thought that comics were a great medium to convey messages to people of all ages. They are a relatively short format and the mixture of texts and images makes them readily accessible to all abilities and ages. We also look to get people drawing, whatever their ability.

How can comic books help with mental health?

Comics are entertaining and make people laugh. But they can also make people think about things. Also drawing helps people to lose themselves for a while from the pressures of everyday life.

From my perspective I thought there was a link to be made between the positivity of comics and the myriad of issues that that young people and adults face, related to mental health. Paul Morris.

What happens at Comication?

Originally, we were planning to carry out face-to face classes. These classes would have been for children, young people, and adults. However, Lockdown has meant we have gone online via Zoom. We’re offering a series of sessions for all ages and abilities.

Comication Zoom Classes

These take place every Wednesday and are suitable for all ages and abilities. You can find all the details here.

Working with Schools and Communities

We are reaching out to various organisations in the community to offer online sessions. If you are a group, charity, or school etc, then please get in touch!


We were originally planning to launch ‘Comics and Cocktails at city bar venues. And also offer comic drawing sessions for people’s birthdays. Of course we can offer this online too, if people are interested!

Online Tutorials

We create tutorial videos for our followers to view at any time - have a look at our YouTube channel to see them! If you follow the Facebook and Instagram pages, you can see new tutorials when they are released.

Who are your classes for?

Our classes are for people of all ages and abilities - both children and adults can learn to draw comics! Our online sessions are perfect for the family to join in together.

I’m not very good at drawing, but I love comics. Can I join in?

Absolutely! We cater for all abilities, why not give it a go!

I don’t have any of the right kit to draw comics at home. What can I do?

All you need is some paper and pencils and a rubber. Or you can use a drawing programme on your tablet or computer. Comication are happy to send out some basic drawing equipment to people suffering hard times. Just get in touch.

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