Online Pilates in Coventry


Pilates is a fantastic way to strengthen the body and improve general fitness and wellbeing. It has something to offer people of all ages and ability, and it can improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility. It's also well known for relieving stress, anxiety and tension - something which we all need right now! If you're new to Pilates then read this handy guide for all the info.

Online Pilates in Coventry

Pilates is a great option for an at-home-workout. It can be done anytime, anywhere, all you need is a bit of space! There are some fantastic businesses offering Online Pilates in Coventry - so keep scrolling for all the info!

Swan Pilates

Swan Pilates is a local business run by Karen Dobson, who is now offering live-streamed Pilates and Stretch Classes. There is video access for one week after each class, so if you can't attend a live Zoom class, you can catch up in your own time from the comfort of your home.

  • Live-streamed Pilates Classes - This is a term of one hour Pilates classes, suitable for beginners to improvers. Throughout the one hour class you will find that each classic Pilates exercise has been sympathetically modified, so that it is suitable for most people.

  • Live-streamed Total Body Stretching Classes - This is a term of slow, mindful, one hour stretching classes, suitable for complete beginners. Each class will help you to ease out your stiff muscles and help you to relax.

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Bridge Pilates

Bridge Pilates are a fantastic local business, who believe Pilates to be the perfect way to explore the balance of mind and body fitness. Bridge Pilates offer an on-demand Pilates Video subscription service that is geared towards the home work out. It gives you access to an ever-growing library of pre-recorded classes which gives you the flexibility to practice at your leisure. This subscription service is perfect if you lead a full and busy life, or are not able to attend a face to face classes.

When you sign up for online classes with Bridge Pilates, you can expect mat work classes for all ages and ability, as well as pure stretch sessions. Also available are options to use small equipment such as the resistance band, ball, foam roller, chair, and magic circle.

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Release Pilates & Barre

Release Pilates are a Kenilworth based business who offer One to One and small group Pilates and Barre tuition. Sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities, and right now classes are running Online!

There is a wide range of classes available to suit all abilities:

  • Advanced Pilates
  • Seated Pilates
  • Barre - a fast paced fusion of Pilates, Ballet and Strength training
  • Basic / Intermediate Pilates
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Low Impact Fitness Training

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We hope you have found this collection useful, and you have found somewhere great to practice online Pilates in Coventry.

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