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Portable Parties provide Inflatable Nightclubs, which come fully equipped with a state of the art strobe lighting system, 15inch PA speakers and a smoke machine. The perfect set up to create the ultimate dance party in your garden!

Portable Parties | Dance Parties in Coventry

Host your very own dance party in the comfort of your own home or garden. These Inflatable Nightclubs are perfect for:

  • children's 'disco' parties
  • teen's 'nightclub' parties
  • family celebrations for all ages
  • parties for the grown ups

The Inflatable Nightclubs come in two sizes:

  • Party Cube: 20-25 people
  • Party House: 40-45 people

To book your event, fill out the Enquiry Form on their website!


You can hire the Party Cube for day parties or from 2PM - 9AM the following day if you would like the full allocated time slot.

They come with a full strobe lighting system, two interlinked Bluetooth speakers which can be connected to DJ decks and a high quality smoke machine giving you that nightclub vibe!

Party Cube measurements are 14ft (W), 15ft (L), 15ft (H). The price includes delivery, set up & collection.


The Party House comes with everything the Party Cube offers and MORE! It is the full house experience which makes the whole party atmosphere a lot more powerful! It is also showerproof so you can party away on those rainy days!

Party House measurements are 16ft (W), 18ft (L), 15ft (H). The price includes delivery, set up & collection.


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