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Ascension Dance is a Coventry based company that aims to inspire young people through creative and empowering dance experiences.

Ascension Dance | Dance Classes for Girls in Coventry

Ascension Youth are contemporary dance sessions inspired by parkour, freerunning, and breakdance. It is the perfect opportunity to challenge your own creative voice, produce high-energy movement, and learn contemporary phrases and partnering skills in a fun environment. Led by industry professional dancers for young people in Coventry and Warwick.

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The Groups:

LEAP | For Girls and Boys aged 4 - 6 years

LEAP is a brand new early years dance group that aims to encourage creativity, movement and imagination in young people. LEAP will get your child inspired to play, explore movement and help to channel young energy through focused learning and participation. All in a fun, safe and supportive environment

RISE | For Girls aged 7 – 10 years

RISE is a junior contemporary dance group aimed at channelling young energy into inspiring creativity, confidence and focus. RISE will inspire your child to unleash their creativity as they explore movement and discover what it means to make and perform choreography in a fun and safe environment.

SOAR | For Girls aged 11 - 14 years

SOAR is a senior contemporary dance group aimed at building confidence and empowering one another. SOAR will encourage you to physically challenge yourself to build strength, determination, and individuality through contemporary dance technique, learning repertory for performance and discovering your own choreographic voice.

The Timetable:

All sessions take place at The Albany Theatre, Coventry, CV5 6JQ


  • Ascension Hangout / APEX & RISE together / 3:45PM - 4:45PM (*Social Hangout space before your RISE Session)
  • RISE / Girls Dance / 7-10 years / 5PM - 6:15PM
  • SOAR / Girls Dance / 11-14 years / 6:30PM - 8PM


  • LEAP / Dance & Play / 4-6 years / Mixed / 4PM - 5PM 

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