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Fun and engaging sessions that capture children's imaginations and take them on a magical story adventure each week.

Jen is a teacher, and she is very passionate about reading and books. She takes a lot of pride in making stories fun and she puts a lot of enthusiasm and voices into her story telling. With online sessions she is able to do bitesize videos for you and your children to enjoy whenever, wherever and however you like. You can even watch them again and again.

Each week you will get a selection of videos to enjoy which are all based around a theme. These will include:

  • at least two stories
  • a singalong
  • a dancealong video
  • a step by step crafting activity or play based activity ideas (depending on the age of your little one)

The craft and activities will all be with equipment you have at home or can easily collect in nature.

The Summer term will start on Monday 1st June and last for 7 weeks. The cost for the term is just £14, that works out at just 50p a session!

Suitable from around 4 months to 6 years... for anyone who loves stories and craft!

Visit the Facebook Page for more information, and contact Jen to sign up!

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