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Quarry Park Disc Golf is situated on the edge of Leamington Spa. It is a unique facility in Britain, in that the land was purchased and landscaped specifically for disc golf.

Disc Golf is a great sport or activity for all ages and abilities, and Quarry Park has been meticulously designed to be fair to beginners and challenging to pros.

Quarry Park Disc Golf | Play Frisbee near Coventry

Who can play?

Everyone is welcome - from family groups and tourists looking for a fun frisbee activity, to professional level players from abroad.

Disc golf is great for group outings too - such as stag parties, sports clubs, scout groups, office outings, church groups, round table etc.....

What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf is a lot of fun and is similar in concept to traditional ball golf. The object is to get a frisbee disc into a basket in as few shots as possible.

Course Map

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Find out more

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Opening Times

  • Weekdays 12pm to sunset
  • Weekends 10am to 6pm
  • Weekday opening will reduce in October

Group Sizes

There is a strict maximum group size of 6, which complies with government social distancing rules, but is also essential to enable a steady flow of groups around the course.

Visit the website to read further rules around social distancing.


Short course (17 holes of 45m)

  • Adults £5
  • Children £3.50

Regular Course (18 holes of 90m)

  • Adults £7
  • Children £5


Please make your booking and payment via this link.


The course can be very busy at weekends, and capacity is limited by available parking space, so please do not bring a picnic as your parking space may be needed by someone who has come to play the course.

Open hours

Monday12:00 - 19:00
Tuesday12:00 - 19:00
Wednesday12:00 - 19:00
Thursday12:00 - 19:00
Friday12:00 - 19:00
Saturday10:00 - 18:00
Sunday10:00 - 18:00