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Release Pilates are a Kenilworth based business who offer One to One and small group Pilates and Barre tuition. Sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities, and classes are available both Online, and Face to Face in Kenilworth!

Release Pilates and Barre Classes in Kenilworth



  • 10.50 - Seated Pilates


  • 18.45 - Low Intensity Fitness Training


  • 18.45 - Basic Pilates                     
  • 20.00 - Total Barre


  • 10.45 - Seated Pilates

Which class is for you?

  • Advanced Pilates is for those with a sound knowledge of Pilates principles, and no issues with back, neck or shoulders.
  • Seated Pilates involves all the Pilates principles in a seated and standing position, perfect for the less mobile.
  • Barre is a fun, fast paced fusion of Pilates, Ballet and Strength training - see a taster video below!
  • Basic / Intermediate Pilates is suitable for beginner and intermediate levels. Modifications can be made for injuries and medical conditions.
  • High Intensity Interval Training is fast paced, pulse raising cardiovascular and body weight exercises.
  • Low Impact Fitness Training involves small weights, star jumps, squats - raising the heart rate without jumping around.

Special Offer Available

Release Pilates have a fantastic offer available at the moment - book 3 or 4 sessions per week for just £19! *

* A week is Monday to Saturday. Weekly offers must be booked and paid for in advance for the whole week, and no refunds available.

Pre-booking and payment in advance is required for all sessions.

Book Now!

Lisa is available for free consultations on the best sessions for each individual person. She has specialist qualifications in Cancer and Cardiac rehabilitation as well, so feel free to contact her to discuss your needs.

You can book your place by emailing or send a message via the Facebook Page