Sheldon Country Park: Airport Viewing Area

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Sheldon Country Park covers an area of just over 300 acres. It is made up of open grassland, wetlands, old hedgerows and some mature woodland.

Airport viewing area at Sheldon Country Park 

Birmingham International Airport borders the park, so if you're interested in seeing aeroplanes close up you can visit our designated viewing area. It lies approximately a quarter of a mile away from the farm buildings and can only be accessed on foot (no motor vehicles).


There is a playground near the main entrance off Ragley Drive.

Picnics at Sheldon Country Park

There are picnic areas within the park.

Walking or jogging routes

A 5km walking route is marked out in the park.


The ground is relatively flat and broad paths have been cut throughout the park to improve accessibility.

A hard-surfaced nature trail can be accessed from the main car park.


Toilets are located near the main farm building

 Farm or conservation park

The Old Rectory Farm has been fully restored and operates as a demonstration farm, showing traditional methods of farming.
Animals kept at the farm include Jersey cattle, pigs, goats, ponies, ducks, chickens and geese.
The farm is open to visitors every day throughout the year and admission is free.

Historic buildings

The 17th century Old Rectory Farm is based at the main entrance to the park. The farm was home to Sheldon's most celebrated son, Thomas Bray, from 1690 to 1721.

Open hours

Monday09:30 - 17:00
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