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Following on from the enormous success of last year’s event, ROAD 2 HELL returns with another dose of horrifyingly good fun!

Road 2 Hell | Heart of England Coventry

In 2020, Road 2 Hell shot straight to the top of everyone’s Horror event lists, attracting hundreds of 5 star ratings from punters and reviewers alike. Road 2 Hell has been nominated for 3 awards in this year’s Scare Awards – Best Halloween Event / Best Drive-Thru / Best Action Set Piece!

It’s all terrifyingly good in-car entertainment; a fully fleshed festival of fear set in the dark heart of England, just 10 minutes from Birmingham International Airport… Dare you drive the ROAD 2 HELL?

After an incredible 15 years of deliciously dark Halloween events, Heart of England have again teamed up with Masters of Horror AREA 51 and the award-winning Scare-Projects to bring you what is officially the biggest, baddest… most horrifying interactive drive thru experience in the UK.

Your fully immersive 1.5 mile, 20 minute journey takes you deep into lost woodlands, encountering multiple blood chilling scenarios along the way – the hideous creatures of the night that haunt this evil place will be your pursuers. We do hope you’ll be safe inside your cars.. time will only tell. If you follow the map and make it out alive then you’ll have one heck of a horror story to tell!

It’s time to get this show on the road… to HELL! 

Friday 8th October - Sunday 31st October

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Important Information

If you're bringing children...

Upon arrival we will mark your vehicle as containing children, which will enable performers to ease off on the scares and limit the amount of blood – and we urge parents NOT to make any family bookings at all past 8pm to avoid any possible mistakes. REMEMBER THIS IS A SCARE ATTRACTION – while there is no age restriction, we recommend parental guidance, as children are all very different. We will not stop you from bringing small ones as there will be no sexual content or graphic human gore, but the idea is to scare you and you will be in dark woods! – in light of this we would recommend you consider carefully whether it is suitable for your child.

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