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If we can’t do real life play dates and parties let’s do VIRTUAL ones! Yay!

Call friends and family on WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook messenger, Skype or House Party. Once you have had a chat then why not play some games!

The Five Minute Mum has got some great suggestions - read the full article here.

Here are our favourites…

Finding games – You can do this lots of ways. One parent has a list of simple things…e.g. Spoon, teddy, block, pyjamas, toothbrush, leaf. You shout the item to find and one child from each family has to find it as fast as they can. First one back to the screen with it wins a point for their family. Or if older, you could hold up a letter and the kids have to find something beginning with that letter.

Puppet show – set the camera up so that the kids can sit under it and not be seen. Give them some dolls and teddies and set a five minute timer. They act out a funny puppet show for the other family. Then swap over once the timer goes off. Make sure you give rounds of applause and take bows with all the ‘actors’!

Guess that toy – one family get a toy. They hide it off screen. The other family gets to ask 10 questions to try and guess what toy it is. You could also do this with well known books. Once they get it or give up do a big reveal.

Do Strictly Come Dancing – take turns to dance and give each other scores out of 10. Low scores for the silly grown ups and high scores for the kids.

Read the full article here.

Have fun!!


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