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The Castle reopened with its outdoor offering on the 12th April, and is set to reopen fully with indoor attractions and daily seasonal shows from 17th May!

Don't miss the ZOG AND THE QUEST FOR THE GOLDEN STAR! Now at Warwick Castle till September! Click here for all the info.

Warwick Castle

There's something for everyone at Warwick Castle...

Experience 1,100 years of Britain’s history in one of England’s finest medieval fortresses. Spectacular live stunt shows and attractions, spellbinding storytelling and exhilarating experiences all year-round make it one of the most exciting historic locations in Europe.

Whether you're roaming the walls of the Towers & Ramparts and escaping the 21st century, or unearthing the hidden treasures of the castle's rich history on a daily History Tour, there's plenty to encounter both indoors and outdoors all year round at Warwick Castle.

Warwick Castle Grounds & Gardens

Warwick Castle spans over 64 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens. There is plenty of green space for visitors to enjoy in their household groups whilst maintaining a safe distance from other families.

Conservatory & Peacock Garden

One of the most iconic elements of Warwick Castle is the stunning peacocks that roam in their garden home. This part of the garden was designed by the Victorian landscape gardener Robert Marnock and consists of a number of topiary peacocks, manicured hedges and beautiful pond and fountain.

Green Spaces

Running gently down to the river is the Pageant Field, flanked on either side by trees, such as the Cedars of Lebanon, which is a great space to sit and take in the beautiful surroundings. Take a walk across the rolling lawns and stroll along the River Avon and see what nature you can spot as you adventure through the adjacent wooded areas.

River Island

During your visit, make sure to wander towards the River Avon to see the island. This is where you can find our Trebuchet and where our brave knights face each other during our seasonal jousting shows. The most famous use for the island was in the 1890s when the 5th Countess of Warwick housed her exotic menagerie of animals on the island. Some of the more unusual animals included Japanese deer, peacocks, an emu, monkeys, an ant bear and a baby elephant.

Visit the website for more details and to book your tickets.

Warwick Castle Towers & Battlements

The Defensive Towers

Climb the towers and ramparts and see what you can spot from the top! The Towers and Ramparts were largely constructed during the 14th and 15th centuries when the castle was under the ownership of the de Beauchamp family. The family spent vast amounts of their fortune on their construction. They were intended to protect those within the castle walls and symbolised the power and importance of the castle’s Earls.

The Conqueror's Fortress

The Conqueror's Fortress, also known as 'the Mound', is the oldest surviving part of the castle and has stood since the castle was first built in 1068. It is part of the original motte and bailey castle that William the Conqueror had constructed.

Caesar's Tower

Caesar’s Tower was built on the orders of Thomas de Beauchamp in the 14th century and is a great example of military architecture. It is the tallest tower in the castle, and comprises four storeys, excluding the Gaol. It has an irregular quatrefoil or cloverleaf shape.

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Warwick Castle Horrible Histories Maze

Journey back in time on your visit to Warwick Castle as you uncover hundreds of years of interactive history through our Horrible Histories® Maze!

Trek back in time to the Terrifying Tudors and explore the Frightful First World War. You can storm the castle like the Stormin' Normans and you can marvel at the Measly Middle Ages. Make sure you venture through the maze like the Vicious Vikings and sneak around the corners to learn about those Slimy Stuarts!

As you journey through, make sure you collect your stamps on your time passport to collect your prize at the end.

Visit the website for more details and to book your tickets.

Warwick Castle Great Hall & State Rooms CURRENTLY CLOSED

Great Hall

The Great Hall is the largest room in the castle. It is approximately 12 metres high, 19 metres long and 14 metres wide including the window bays. It was first constructed in the 14th century, when a fire would have been in the centre of the room with a hole in the roof to let out the smoke, and the walls contained small narrow windows and some arrow loops.

The State Dining Room

This room has seen some impressive dinner parties and distinguished party guests over the years. Some of the most illustrious guests include Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who had lunch here in 1858, Edward, Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, and Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who completed their visit with lunch in this room in 1996.

The Green Drawing Room

This room is aptly named to reflect its green painted panelling. The room functioned largely as a private gentlemen’s room for travelling aristocrats to rest and play in the comfort of this tranquil space. Within this room there is a mysterious secret door which hides a 14th century escape. This hidden stairway and passage lead down to the river below.

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Falconer’s Quest

Marvel at the skies overhead as high-flying birds of prey take flight!

Featuring up to 60 magnificent birds with huge wingspans of up to 9 foot, this impressive show will have you amazed as you discover wild and wonderful bird species from across the globe, including the world's fastest bird species, heaviest eagle and largest owl species, to name a few!

Join the Falconer on a quest for the finest birds in the land in an all-action, dynamic display of acrobatics, all set in a stunning riverside location in the castle grounds. Read more here.

Warwick Castle History Tour 

Immerse yourself in the past as our dedicated History Team uncover Warwick Castle’s legacy in a series of intriguing guided tours.

Revel in the splendor of the lives of Warwick’s aristocracy. Shudder at the grim reality of the castle’s dark and gruesome past. Allow yourself to be transported back to the site’s very foundation. Whatever your age or historical knowledge, you’re sure to come away with new facts to share and a greater understanding of the Castle’s significance.

Head to the Great Hall to see the day's tours and times.

Warwick Castle Time Tower CURRENTLY CLOSED

The Time Tower takes visitors on an immersive audio-visual multimedia journey through over 1,100 years of Warwick Castle’s history.

You will start your journey in the year 914AD when Princess Ethelfleda, Lady of the Mercians, created a burh at the site of Warwick town. You will then discover how the castle developed, from its origin as a wooden motte and bailey castle, to the construction of the stone towers and ramparts, and finally its conversion into a stately home. This audio-visual attraction endeavours to present our entire history through the eyes of those who lived in and owned the castle over the centuries.

Warwick Castle Tickets and Passes Available

There are various tickets and passes available to access Warwick Castle, including day tickets, annual passes, and overnight stays. Click this link for all the information and prices.

Warwick Castle Parking

Stables Car Park (CV34 4QU) - £10
Off Castle Lane. Express parking - next to Admissions.

Stratford Road Car Park (CV34 6AH) - £6
Off Stratford Road. Standard parking - 5 - 10 minute walk from Admissions.

Stratford Road Car Park - Field (CV34 6AH) - £6
Standard parking - 15 - 20 minute walk from Admissions.

Please note: The car park machine in the Stables car park has now been changed to card only, no cash payment will be accepted.

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