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Hayley Kooner Beauty is a lovely local business offering professional beauty treatments including massage, facials, lash treatments, waxing, and more. Hayley has set up a fantastic Facebook Group with the aim to support local ladies who are feeling low, isolated at home and want some relaxation, selfcare and an opportunity to try new things.

Online Wellbeing Events with Hayley Kooner

Head to the Facebook Group to join the community!

As well as lots of skincare and beauty tips, Hayley also has a series of FREE Wellbeing Events, which run every Monday and Tuesday evenings. These are brilliant sessions, perfect for meeting other like minded ladies, and getting some much-needed relaxation.

Monday Evenings at 8pm

Every Monday at 8am Hayley is joined by a keynote speaker to discuss a topic on Wellness. Some examples include:

  • Butterfly Tapping - this is an alternative treatment that helps people who suffer with physical pain and emotional distress. It works by tapping on acupressure points similar to acupuncture but without the needles
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Gentle evening pilates and stretch
  • Yoga
  • Mindful Eating

Visit the Facebook Group to read all about the next event, and register!

Tuesday Evenings at 8pm

Every Tuesday evening at 8pm Hayley hosts a Facial Massage event. This is a 20minute (ish) facial drainage massage, for people to follow at home. Facial massage aids muscle tone, removes toxin build up, stimulates blood flow bringing essential nutrients to the skin to give you a healthy glow, this is a fun and relaxing event with like minded ladies. Click here to register!

Head to the Facebook Group to join the community!


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