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Carly's Confectionery is a fantastic local business who make personalised chocolate bouquets and sweet cones for any occasion. They make perfect gifts, as well as party favours and centre pieces for kids parties.  

Carly's Confectionery | Chocolate Bouquets & Sweet Cones in Coventry

Carly makes chocolate and sweet bouquets to order as well as savoury bouquets, for anyone who would like something different. She also provides regular and large sweet cones. These could be made as one-offs or for a function if needed.

  • Chocolate Bouquets
  • Sweet Bouquets
  • Savoury Bouquets
  • Sweet Cones
  • Sweet Bags

Price List:

  • Popcorn Cones: £1.00
  • Sweet Cones: £1.50 - £2.00
  • Small Bag: £3.00
  • Large Bag: £8.00
  • Regular Sweet Box: £7.00
  • Large Sweet Box: £10.00
  • Bouquets: £10.00

Halloween specials:

  • Halloween Sweet Cones: £2.00 each 3 for £5
  • Halloween Sweet Bag: £3.00 each 4 for £10
  • Halloween Sweet Box: £7
  • Halloween Sweet and Chocolate Bouquets made to order: £15.00+

If item is being posted, postage will be calculated when ordering.

Each Bouquet is completely customisable with the customer requesting what the Bouquet is made up of.

If you want something smaller, Carly can also create Chocolate Letterboxes which can be posted directly to the recipients door. 

Fancy something sweeter? Then perhaps a Pick'N'Mix bag or a Pick'N'Mix box (boxes can be delivered nationwide). 

Sweet cones and sweet boxes can also be vegetarian and vegan friendly too.

Sweet cones can also be made up for parties of any sort.

To order, send a message via Instagram or you can email Carly on