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Global Care is an international children's charity which exists to help create a world where marginalised children can learn and thrive.

Global Care | International Children's Charity

Children living in extreme poverty have many needs – food, shelter, medicine. They often also face further barriers stopping them from getting help – ethnic discrimination, disability, even their gender. Global Care works to support children living in extreme poverty, the poorest of the poor. However it is not enough simply to meet the needs of poverty today. They want to break the cycle of poverty which holds these children back, so the next generation is free too. They want to see whole communities released from poverty. 

Practical Help and Future Hope for Children Living In Extreme Poverty

Global Care's Sponsors and Change-Makers provide food, shelter, clothing and medicine. But they provide it to help children reach the end goal: education. It is clear from the evidence that education is the best way to break the poverty cycle (see website). Education opens up opportunities for children to become self-sufficient adults, providing for themselves and their families. Education produces a generation of children who are able to transform the future of their nation: to become its future leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Global Care works to help children access education AND to improve the quality of the education they receive, because education is the key to a better future. This journey can be your journey too.

By sponsoring a child or becoming a Change-Maker, you can be a part of making today better and tomorrow wonderful. Click here to find out more!


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