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Thrive Tutoring provides expert tutoring for individuals and groups, helping students to grow & engage in their learning.  

Thrive Tutoring | Tuition in Coventry & Warwickshire

Thrive Tutoring offer face-to-face and online sessions across Coventry, Warwickshire and parts of the West Midlands. While our primary focus is on 1-to-1 tutoring, we do also offer some group sessions. We always strive to make our sessions interactive, enjoyable and flexible to the child’s needs and interests.

We believe that children who are confident and happy make the most successful learners. Our focus is on providing enjoyable and interactive tutoring sessions, which will grow your child’s self belief and engagement with their education. Our tutees go back into the classroom with a wider range of tools to succeed and a new found love of learning.

Founded in 2020, Thrive Tutoring has expanded rapidly to include expert tutors who hold experience working across a range of primary & secondary schools and settings.  

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Meet Natalie  | Owner of Thrive Tutoring

Natalie Depledge is the owner of Thrive Tutoring, and is a qualified primary school teacher with experience working across all Primary Key Stages. She has prepared and taught for both Year 2 and Year 6 SATs and has a good understanding of the National Curriculum across all year groups. Natalie has success with her students in both 11+ and entrance exams with schools across Warwickshire and the West Midlands. Above all, Natalie aims to empower her tutees with the skills and confidence to reach their educational goals!

Our Services

Key Stage 1/2/3 - English and Maths

Whether you’re looking for support for your child’s phonics, reluctance with a certain topic or you just want to give your child that extra boost, then our sessions can be tailored to fit your needs. 

11+ and Entrance Exams

At Thrive we are very proud of our track record of successful entrances into local independent and grammar schools with focused sessions, specific to the syllabus and exam(s) that the child is being entered for.

GCSE Maths

Our Maths tutor holds experience over Edexcel, AQA and OCR boards and provides support for our students, whether this is challenging them to be the best they can or supporting those with difficulties, such as dyscalculia. 

GCSE and A Level Computer Science

Our expert tutors hold over 11 years experience leading Computer Science departments, with a range of experience marking for exam boards & teaching ICT courses. We are proud to be able to provide bespoke computer science sessions catering to individual student needs. 

UCAS Personal Statement Support Service

We offer a bespoke service offering advice & support to help craft your personal statement, and take the stress out of your university application. 

With over 19 years of experience as teachers & form tutors across a range of secondary schools & sixth form colleges, our specialist tutors are expert at helping students to create the best possible personal statement. With tutors currently working at some of the highest performing Sixth Form Colleges in the country, we have helped countless students get into the top universities in the country.

We can provide editing suggestions & support on form, focus and structure to ensure your statement is a perfect fit for your prospective course, alongside detailed suggestions and prompts to get you past the “the blank page of doom”! 

Our Testimonials

Leaps & Bounds!

I wanted a Maths and English tutor who was able to give extra help after Covid and lockdowns. Natalie was able to connect and engage with my children and they have come on in leaps and bounds, they enjoyed their sessions and are now settled in senior school at a level which will help them over the next few years. Natalie is friendly, approachable and professional. 

Overcoming Fears!

Natalie worked wonders with Alice. She knew how to help her overcome her fears. Alice went from a huge amount of self doubt which manifested as subject dislike and resentment towards maths- along with relatively low scores- to showing a very positive approach to the subject, a score improvement and an offer from all 4 schools she did exams for. 

Providing the best!

When Yara came to know about Adam’s willingness to give her weekend tuition, she calculated the UK time and told me what a dedicated tutor he was. I am so thankful to Adam for doing that. All of the sessions he provided mattered a lot to her progress. I know that even for a 45 minute class, Adam spent more time before the lessons to provide Yara with a power-packed, super-fast class. I would say that Adam is one of the best teachers I’ve come across. Thank you again for tutoring Yara.

To hear more about us or to book your sessions, contact us via our website, or visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

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