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Babbs Mill Lake | Solihull

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Complete with lake, the meandering River Cole, wildflower grasslands and woodland, Babbs Mill Lake is a wonderful space for us all to get in touch with nature.

Babbs Mill Lake | Solihull

Babbs Mill Park was created in 1977 to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II. A haven for wildlife, it is now recognised as a Local Nature Reserve. A natural habitat for owls and a protected area for bats, it is a diverse habitat well deserving of its Local Nature Reserve status.

Babbs Mill Park - Walking Routes

Babbs Mill Park is a lovely scenic place for a family walk. There are some excellent walking routes around Babbs Mill Lake - download this PDF to get started!

Picnics at Babbs Mill Lake

This is a gorgeous spot for a picnic, and you will find lots of benches and grassy areas around the lake. Don't forget to bring a picnic for the ducks aswell!

Babbs Mill Park - Kids Playground

The park at Babbs Mill Lake has a fantastic play space which is ideal for family fun. Recently refurbished, it boasts some of the latest games and equipment for kids of all ages, with:

  • ability whirl carousel
  • bird springer
  • dog springer
  • junior swings
  • toddler swings
  • sling shot swing
  • mini roller coaster
  • rock spinner
  • rotating beam
  • seesaw
  • slide
  • talking flowers
  • turnstile
  • toddler multi play

Babbs Mill Park - Skate Park

For older kids seeking a touch of speed and trickery, the skate park boasts a fun box, curved grind rail, straight grind rail, low curved ramp, low flat ramp, low quarter pipe.

Parking at Babbs Mill Lake

  • Car Parks open from 8.00am
  • Summer Car Parks (April - September) close between 8.00pm and 9.00p
  • Winter Car Parks (October - March) close between 4.00pm and 5.00pm
Babbs Mill Lake | Solihull - image 1Babbs Mill Lake | Solihull - image 2
Babbs Mill Lake | Solihull - image 1Babbs Mill Lake | Solihull - image 2

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