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Coundon Wedge is a particularly attractive stretch of countryside on the north-west outskirts of Coventry. Predominantly grassland with mature trees and hedgerows, it is criss-crossed by footpaths, making it readily accessible to all. Despite the proximity of urban development, the area still retains a rural character of very high landscape quality, and is a popular area for quiet public recreation, particularly walking.

Please note this is mostly private farmland so please take care and be respectful when you visit. Dogs should be kept on a lead when horses are grazing, and any litter should be removed.

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In recent years, improvements to the footpath system in the Coundon Wedge have been made. Properly maintained footpaths, linked together by footbridges and signposts, help to direct walkers along official routes. These improvements have also taken into account of people with special needs such as some elderly and disabled people.

All stiles and poor gates to the east of Coundon Wedge Drive have been updated to metal kissing gates with access wide enough for a push chair or small invalid chair.


Excellent for dogs. A favourite place for most dog owners, with lots of variety and interest for them and their dogs. Please keep dogs on a lead when horses are grazing in the fields.

Parking at Coundon Wedge

The Coundon Wedge is located just off the A4114 Holyhead Road, between Coundon Wedge Drive and Kingsbury Road, although it can be accessed from other areas as well. There are a couple of parking spaces off the Holyhead Road, or Kingsbury road, and adjoining roads are residential roads with on street parking.

Allesley and Coundon Wedge Society

ACWCS are an independent, voluntary organisation aimed at promoting and preserving the heritage and natural environment of Allesley, Coundon Wedge and adjoining neighbourhoods. Visit the website if you'd like to know more.

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