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Coventry Improv's Full of Beans Family show runs every month at Baxter Baristas

Coventry Improv | Comedy in Coventry

Coventry Improv is the Premier Improvisation Group in Coventry. The group is headed up by a wide variety of performing talents. They have a rich set of performers, from all backgrounds, who have collectively set up to perform in and around Coventry! Coventry Improv banded together with their first ever gig at Baxter Baristas Coventry, who are their home venue for their monthly family friendly gig.

They perform at the Coffee Shop every 2nd Friday of every month! Not only that but these monthly gigs are 100% FREE to attend. There's a donations bucket of which 100% of the donations from the audience goes to the nominated quarterly local charity. You can read all about their charity work on the respective Charity Work page.

Coventry Improv also provide services such as progressive course workshops, open improv sessions, private events and also additional gigs at events across multiple venues. You can keep an eye on the upcoming events on their social media feeds and calendar.

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