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Try out the new 'measured mile' trail on this family friendly walk!

Leam Valley | Walks in Leamington Spa

  • Where: The trail entrance is at the junction of Wille's Rd and Newbold Terrace East, Leamington Spa
  • When: The nature reserve is open all year round, all hours.
  • Accessibility: Flat and steep sections; muddy in winter; kissing gates and floods in winter. Some paths are easier to access than others - contact the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust for more information.
  • Parking: Park in the car park past Newbold Community Leisure Centre or car park off Radford Road.
  • Dogs are permitted.
  • Best time to visit: April to September.

At Leam Valley you can try one of the new, interactive, measured mile trails! Get the kids out, active and enjoying nature. It's only one mile long with activities along the way it's sure to keep your young ones running to the next post. “Flap your wings like a butterfly”, “hop like a frog” and “scurry like a beetle” along the route! The trail meanders through the site starting at the entrance opposite the far end of Jephson Gardens - follow the wooden markers!  

What's it like to visit?

While you're here try spotting the numerous fish in the River Leam where roach, perch and common bream lurk in the depths. A magnificent range of dragonflies and damselflies flit along its banks including banded demoiselle, darters, chasers, hawkers and the emperor dragonfly. Kingfishers can be spotted here and are known to breed along the river. The elusive grass snake may be seen as it swims amongst arrowhead, yellow water-lilies and flowering-rush.

At the edge of the river marsh-marigold, yellow iris and purple-loosestrife flower alongside rushes, sweet-grass and common reed. It is hoped that one day soon, this ideal habitat will welcome the arrival of otter as it gradually re-colonises the county. The rich marsh is dense with many marsh-loving plants, including cuckoo flower, ragged-robin and even the rare snakes-head fritillary. Over the largest area of grassland, cowslips are charmingly scattered amongst the many species of grasses. An abundance of butterflies are attracted including brimstone, peacock, comma and red admiral, with plenty of browns, whites and skippers.

Watch the video below for a tour of the route!

Leam Valley is managed by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust who work to bring people closer to nature and create a land rich in wildlife. Become a member to support the amazing work they do! Check out the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust's website for more information and other nature reserves to visit!

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