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The Dino Discovery Maize Maze experience is all part of your PLAY@ adventure, all summer long at Lower Drayton Farm!

Use code DINOROCKS for 10% off tickets - online bookings only!

Dino Discovery at Lower Drayton Farm | Summer Holidays in Staffordshire

  • Dates: 5th – 30th August 2024
  • Location: Lower Drayton Farm, Penkridge, Stafford, ST19 5RE
  • Tickets:

Become a Dino Ranger for the day and help Professor Time solve the mystery of the Drayton Dinos!

Time-travelling scientist Professor Time enlisted the help of our team – now Dino Rangers – to help overthrow a plot a plot by bandits to steal Dino Eggs from the Jurassic period and bring them back for evil deeds.

They’ve created a NEW teleportation Device at the farm and Prof. Time needs YOUR help to save the day. Join us on an immersive adventure as we travel back in time to the Jurassic era on a quest to find the eggs before the bandits do!

What's included?

  • Watch the mission video briefing from Professor Time
  • Head into the teleportation device to travel back in time
  • Hop on the Dino Ranger trailer ride to the Maize Maze
  • Exploring our 5-acre Maize Maze – with a smaller maze for little ones (will you get lost?)
  • Solve clues dotted around the maze to help find the eggs before the bandits
  • Meet (and learning about) dinos’ modern-day relatives in our ‘Meet the Reptiles’ zone
  • Seeing what you can discover in our ‘Fossil’ hunting sandpit
  • Enjoying Dinosaur-themed crafts and colouring activities

All part of the PLAY@ experience 20th July – 30th August, alongside our MASSIVE indoor and outdoor play zones, animal talks & interactions, legendary farm trailer ride*, Bubble Shown and daily foam party fun*. All aboard for a family adventure!

*Weather allowing

Tickets available to buy on the website - click here!

Use code DINOROCKS for 10% off tickets - online bookings only!

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