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Meredith Road Baptist Bulletproof Club | Stoke

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Come along to make new friends, hang out with old friends and have fun together.

Bulletproof Club at Meredith Road Baptist | Youth Clubs in Coventry

  • Timetable: Fortnightly, Tuesdays | 7pm - 8.30pm
  • Location: Meredith Road Baptist Church, Stoke, Coventry
  • Price: FREE
  • Age suitability: school years 7 - 11

Bulletproof  is a free youth club for children in school years 7 - 11. Click here for Meredith Road Baptist's facebook page to stay up to date. This is a youth club lead by DBS volunteers from the church.  The activities are planned around the young peoples interests including, quiz and chips nights, video games, film nights, pizza and pancake cooking, large scale hide and seek in the dark (inside), outdoor football, badminton and indoor games / board games.  There is also time just to hang out and make new friends.  All are very welcome.

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