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Sutton Stop is the name for the "Stop Lock" at Hawkesbury Junction. This is the Junction of the Coventry Canal and the Oxford Canal. It also marks the end of the Coventry Canal Art Trail, the start of the Sowe Valley Footpath plus a point on the Warwickshire Centenary Way!

Sutton Stop | Coventry

Hawkesbury Junction has been an important link in the regional and national canal network for about 200 years.  The junction is formed by the meeting of the Coventry Canal and the Oxford Canal, and it is known locally, together with the area immediately around, as "Sutton Stop".  Because of its unique character, and its historical associations with the early years of the industrial revolution and the development of the canal system, Coventry City Council and Nuneaton Borough Council, in September 1976, jointly designated the locality as a Conservation Area, as the area lies across the administrative boundary between the two authorities. You can read about the history of Hawkesbury Junction here.

Why not have have lunch or a drink at The Greyhound Inn?

Parking at Sutton Stop

Parking is available off Grange Road by the Canal Bridge Walkway. Or drive down Sutton Stop Lane where there are a few parking spaces next to the pub.

FULL CREDIT to David Beechey for the photographs.

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