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Wappenbury Wood

Parks & Walks

Wappenbury Wood has an array of ancient trees, flowers and butterflies waiting to be explored.

With a network of grassy rides and glades, these beautiful woods are perfect for relaxing walks through a wildlife treasure trove.

On a sunny day you are likely to spot lots of butterflies, and historically, 88 species of birds have been recorded, with plentiful sightings of warblers, woodpeckers and tawny owl.

Wappenbury Wood

Things to see and do

  • Look out for butterflies
  • Build a den (or play in somebody else's!)
  • Pause and listen for birdsong
  • Enjoy a carpet of bluebells in the spring
  • Admire the ancient trees and guess their ages
  • Look out for muntjac deer

Walking Trails

Explore Wappenbury Wood on the two waymarked trails.

Long Loop: 2.75 km / 1.75 miles, takes up to 1 hour

Short Loop: 2km / 1.3 miles, takes up to 45 minutes


The main path at Wappenbury Wood is surfaced and well maintained, and are fine for a pushchair or wheelchair. This is shown as "surfaced footpath" on the map above.

The paths inside the wooded areas are more overgrown and uneven with tree roots. So if you're wanting to have a good explore in the wooded areas, it's best to leave the pushchair at home!

Opening times

Please note that Wappenbury Wood is closed to the public on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Sorry, there are no dogs permitted, so that the important wildlife areas remain undisturbed.


There are several parking spaces in the layby on Burnthurst Lane, just opposite Nunwood Lane.

There are two designated disabled parking spots (marked by signage) on Nunwood Lane just by the farm.

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Wappenbury Wood is managed by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, who's mission is to bring people closer to nature and create a land rich in wildlife. Click here to sign up for a membership.

Wappenbury Wood - image 1
Wappenbury Wood - image 1

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