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Wyken Pool is the largest expanse of water in Coventry. The rough grassland, scrub and marsh near the pool support a rich variety of wildlife and is an area of natural beauty.

Wyken Slough | Nature Reserve in Coventry

Regardless of its urban siting, Wyken Slough remains one of the largest areas of grassland in Coventry. With its combination of grassland and fantastic wetland habitat, the site is rich in botanical interest and represents an important ‘green lung’ within the city.

The reserve welcomes a rich and varied bird life to the pool. A sizeable flock of mute swans and other waterfowl reside here with the marsh offering welcome coverage to reed bunting, meadow pipit and even the occasional jack snipe.


The area is relatively flat, with wheelchair access to part of the site.

Walking at Wyken Slough

This beautiful area is a Local Nature Reserve, and forms part of the Sowe Valley Footpath.

From Wyken Slough, you can walk under the motorway to the banks of the Oxford Canal and Hawkesbury Junction Conservation Area.

Parking at Wyken Slough

There is a free public car park off Aldermans Green Road. The car park is closed at 6pm during term-time.

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