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A spectacular 16-minute drone show is coming to Coventry!

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Our Wilder Family presents a spectacular drone show, full of stunning shapes and WOW moments. This record-breaking show will be the longest drone display in the UK. As the drones take to the sky you will enjoy a 16 minute light show as you have never seen before, inspired by the beauty of nature all around us. World-famous drone artists, Celestial, have partnered with City Voices and schools across Coventry to create this stunning display. The show is accompanied by local poetry and a new sound score created in collaboration with local communities by Dan Jones and Guy Hughes.

Sunday 15th May | 9.10pm

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Coventry, the city, known as the 'Phoenix City', is proud to rise against climate change and raise awareness to encourage action. As the city that rose from the ashes after the blitz and contains a phoenix on its crest, Our Wilder Family will proudly represent Coventry's spirit with a stunning Green Phoenix finale.

This international family day, replace your bedtime story or Netflix show and come together with family, friends and your community to be mesmerised by this unique spectacle.

Commissioned by Coventry City of Culture as part of the #GreenFutures programme in partnership with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, supported by National Lottery Heritage Fund.