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Now a Local Nature Reserve, Kenilworth Common has a long history traced back to its creation in 1756. It's a lovely spot to spend a couple of hours exploring with the kids, looking out for wildlife, build a den, and have an adventure!

Kenilworth Common is stunning in all seasons! Spring flowers colour the woodland floor and summer welcomes fairytale glow-worms. In autumn a range of fungi appear including amethyst deceiver, ugly milkcap and fly agaric, whilst a crisp winter visit provides clear viewing of colourful finches, tits and jays.

Things to do at Kenilworth Common

Finham Brook

Finham Brook babbles along the southern edge of the reserve, providing a rich fishing ground for kingfishers. You may even spot brown trout lurking in its shady waters. You will often see dogs paddling in the brook, and on a sunny day, some children too!

Identify Wildlife

Download and print these activity sheets before you visit Kenilworth Common, so the kids can learn about the world around them!

Summer - Spot Woodland Wildlife

Autumn - Become a Funghi Detective

Brass rubbing trail

There are two routes to follow, the blue trail with 6 trail marker posts and the red one with 5 posts. The blue route starts off Common Lane at the bottom of the hill with the brook to your left. To follow the red trail start at the top of the hill, off Common Lane. Please note these are not right beside the car parking area. Look out for the first ‘starting marker’ and scan the QR code.

Done a brass rubbing? Please tweet or Facebook a picture! If you enjoyed it try the trails at Crackley Wood

Walking trails

There are numerous paths around Kenilworth Common. The paths form part of A Coventry Way - a collection of circular walks in the local area. Find out more information here.

Parking at Kenilworth Common

The best place to park is Forge Road, Woodmill Meadow, Highland Road and Woodland Road.


The main path is mostly flat, and fine for a pushchair when the ground is dry. Take care when the paths are wet as they may get muddy. If you would like to explore the woodlands, off the main path, then it's best to leave the pushchair at home. Some areas are steep and bumpy.

Dogs at Kenilworth Common

Dogs permitted. It's a wonderful place for walking the dog!

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