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Get organised with the full list of School Term Dates in Coventry for 2023/24 and 2024/25!

Coventry Term Dates | School Holiday Dates in Coventry

Whether you're planning an amazing family holiday or need to organise childcare, it's always helpful to have the Coventry School Term Dates in your diary as soon as possible! Here's the Coventry School Holiday Dates for the next two years.

Please bear in mind that INSET days vary by schools so please check with your child's school for INSET day dates.

Coventry School Term Dates 2023/24

Summer Term - 2nd Half

  • First Day: Monday 3rd June 2024
  • Last Day: Friday 19th July 2024

SUMMER HOLIDAYS - Monday 22nd July 2024 - Monday 2nd September 2024 

Coventry School Term Dates 2024/25

Autumn Term - 1st Half 

  • First Day: Tuesday 3rd September 2024 
  • Last Day: Friday 25th October 2024

OCTOBER HALF TERM HOLIDAYS - Monday 28th October to Friday 1st November 2024

Autumn Term - 2nd Half

  • First Day: Monday 4th November 2024
  • Last Day: Friday 20th December 2024

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS  - Monday 23rd December 2024 - Friday 3rd January 2025

Spring Term - 1st Half

  • First Day: Monday 6th January 2025  
  • Last Day: Friday 14th February 2025

FEBRUARY HALF TERM HOLIDAYS - Monday 17th February to Friday 21st February 2025

Spring Term - 2nd Half

  • First Day: Monday 24th February 2025
  • Last Day: Friday 11th April 2025

EASTER HOLIDAYS - Monday 14th April to Friday 25th April 2025

Summer Term - 1st Half

  • First Day: Monday 28th April 2025
  • Last Day: Friday 23rd May 2025

MAY HALF TERM HOLIDAYS - Monday 26th May to Friday 30th May 2025

Summer Term - 2nd Half

  • First Day: Monday 2nd June 2025
  • Last Day: Monday 21st July 2025

SUMMER HOLIDAYS BEGIN - Tuesday 22nd July 2025

If you need inspiration for things to do with the kids in Coventry or recommended Holiday Clubs for kids in Coventry then we've got you covered! Head to Coventry Rocks to find your fun! We hope that this list of Coventry Term Dates helps you to get organised and make some great memories with your kids.