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Explore Coventry this Summer

Coventry is a city rich in history and culture, perfect for those who want to explore and be inspired. If you're planning on visiting this summer, you won't want to miss these top attractions.

Explore Coventry this Summer - in Partnership with Coventry Rocks

The Wave Waterpark

First on the list is The Wave, a water park that is perfect for all the family. You’ll find six epic slides that are precision-engineered to fill the thrill seekers with excitement, boasting everything from the disappearing floor of The Torrent, plunging in the pool at the end of The Cascade to the high-speed rollercoaster ride on The Rapids’. Younger spill seekers will enjoy The Reef, a large splash pad at the heart of the waterpark with jets, sprays and slides.

St Mary's Guildhall

St Mary's Guildhall, a beautifully preserved medieval building, is another must-see attraction. It has played a significant role in the city's history and hosts a variety of events and exhibitions celebrating Coventry's rich cultural heritage. This summer, join St Mary’s Guildhall for music and merriment during the school summer holidays! Experience family fun activities, including children’s Jester School, and specially created immersive Tudor experiences celebrating music, dancing and merriment.

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

For art enthusiasts, the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum is a must-visit destination. Here you'll find an extensive collection of contemporary and historical art, as well as interactive exhibits and workshops that are informative and engaging. While you are at the museum, be sure to stop by and say hello to Dippy the Dinosaur, a life-size, plaster-of-paris replica of a Diplodocus carnegii skeleton who is visiting the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum from the Natural History Museum. This summer you can immerse yourself in the 175-million-year journey of the Herbert’s Ichthyosaur skull and experience the power of interactive storytelling with a brand new VR experience.

Coventry Cathedral & The Blitz Museum

No trip to Coventry is complete without visiting the iconic Coventry Cathedral. This poignant building has been a beacon of hope since its construction in the 1960s and continues to inspire visitors with its stunning architecture and powerful message.

For those who love history, The Blitz Museum is an excellent choice. It tells the story of Coventry's wartime experience, from the devastating bombing raids of World War II to the city's remarkable post-war recovery, providing a unique insight into the city's past.

Coventry Transport Museum

Finally, Coventry Transport Museum is perfect for those who have a passion for cars, bikes, and other modes of transportation. With a vast collection of vehicles from throughout history, as well as interactive exhibits and workshops, the museum is both fun and educational for visitors of all ages. If you are feeling peckish, why not stop by Baxter’s Baristas for a bite to eat. This café is dog-friendly and family- friendly, making it the perfect rest stop on your busy day out.

In summary, Coventry has something for everyone, whether you're interested in art, history, or just having fun. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore our vibrant and exciting city.

Top Tip: Have a Go CV card? Coventry residents with a valid Go CV card are eligible for free and discounted entry to all the attractions above! Apply here.

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