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Rebel Manifesto - Aerial, Dance and Acrobatics for all the Family

I must admit, when I was invited along to a family session by Rebel Manifesto, I hadn't the foggiest idea what I was getting myself into! A lovely lady called Luka kindly invited my daughter and I along to 'give it a go'...... but give what a go exactly!?

What is Rebel Manifesto?

Rebel Manifesto is a company based in Earlsdon in Coventry, and their mission is to bring aerial, dance and acrobatics to the local community. It is founded by Luka Owen. who has spent over 10 years performing aerial, dance and acrobatics around the world, and now wants to pass on her amazing skills!

Rebel Manifesto is passionate about people expressing themselves in a comfortable and supportive environment. They believe that movement is a very powerful tool. They believe it's important to be good to ourselves. They are embracing the journey of life with both hands, and a bit of dangling from the ceiling too!

Our Family Session at Rebel Manifesto Aerial

Once I had found out what Rebel Manifesto was all about, I snapped up the chance to take my daughter Grace (3 1/2), my best friend, and her daughter Lily (7). When we first arrived at the studio in Earlsdon, I'll be honest, it was quite tricky to find! It's tucked away behind some other businesses on a side road, so my first tip is to ask for directions before you visit!

My first impression when I met Luka was that she was super cool, and super relaxed. She showed us around the circus-themed studio, and introduced us to all of the aerial equipment. We felt slightly daunted by the unfamiliar equipment, but the girls were super excited and keen to start swinging around!

As a warm up, we played Pirates, which the girls loved. We had to swing on a rope from one mat to another, so as to not get eaten by the sharks. So much fun! Even at 3 1/2, Grace was able to hold on and swing a long way on the rope - she didn't want the game to end!

Next stop, the Hammock! Luka showed us what to do at first, and then helped the little ones. She was so good with the kids, encouraging them to have a go, and supporting them to get into the right position. Both girls nailed it! Next it was the grown-ups turn, which is when I realised it's not as easy as it looks! After a couple of attempts I managed to flip myself upside-down and hang from the hammock. It wasn't particularly graceful or elegant, but I did it, and I had a lot of laughs trying!

Next was the Hoop - which Luka demonstrated (making it look extremely easy!). We all had a go, holding ourselves up on the hoop in different positions, and spinning gently around. This one was a real workout, and I could feel it in my arms and abs for a few days afterwards!

The final exercise was on the Trapeze. Luka helped all of us to climb up onto the trapeze and into various poses. The girls really liked this one, and wanted to try again and again. "It's like the Greatest Showman" Lily said as she went back for another go!

After another quick game of Pirates (Grace's request!), it was time to finish the class. The hour flew by, probably because we spent most of it laughing at ourselves and each other! Having never done anything like this before, we were buzzing when we left, it was so nice to try something totally new.

At 7, I would say Lily was an ideal age to explore the equipment and give everything a go. She picked it up really quickly, I guess it complimented her dancing and gymnastics skills. Although Grace is a bit younger at 3, she also tried everything and had a brilliant time climbing and swinging. In between she happily played in the ball pool or enjoyed laughing at Mummy! And for us grown-ups, we had a lot of fun, and laughed a tremendous amount! It was also a brilliant workout (my abs knew all about it, that's for sure!) and we plan to return for an adult class to perfect our moves and poses!

Classes at Rebel Manifesto Aerial

Rebel Manifesto offer a variety of classes, and cater for lots of different ages. You can find all the different sessions listed below, or on the Rebel Manifesto website. There really is something for everyone!

Rebel Tots

Suitable from walking upwards, this session is perfect for those little rebels in our lives. This is a 30 minute open class, letting the little ones take the lead and have fun with their parent in a happy atmosphere.

Rebel Mini’s

Rebel mini's classes are an hour long and suitable for children 3-5 years years of age. The classes are story book related, focusing on play and exploration through physicality and imagination.

Rebel Youth

Suitable for ages 5 to 10 and 11 to 17 years. A non competitive environment, concentrating on building confidence, having fun and encouraging a team atmosphere.

Family Sessions

Suitable for all ages, this one hour private session will allow you and your family to try something different and have fun together.

Adult Classes

The adult classes at Rebel Manifesto range from complete beginners right up to professional level - anyone is welcome. The classes last an hour, and each individual is encouraged at their own pace.

Aerial Move

This class is a more relaxed and position holding approach to learning aerial. Using basic yoga positions to build strength and control to assist with aerial.

Private Classes

Private classes are for those who want that little extra one to one time, perhaps to work on a routine or to push themselves in a more concentrated environment.

Children's Circus Themed Birthday Parties

For up to 10 children, the kids will enjoy an hour of games, circus tricks, juggling and routines. It can be adapted to suit whatever kind of birthday party you would like, there's also a package which includes a popcorn machine, sweets, cakes and face painting.

Visit the Rebel Manifesto Aerial website for more information.

If you have any questions, or would like to give one of the Rebel Manifesto classes a try, then contact Luka via the Facebook Page, via Instagram, or Email.

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