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Spa Babies Review - The Perfect Baby Spa Experience

Last Mother's Day, my husband handed me a beautifully wrapped gift box from Spa Babies. It contained a super soft, tiny dressing gown, and a voucher for a session at Spa Babies. I hadn't heard of Spa Babies at the time, so I hopped onto Google to find out more.

Spa Babies - The Perfect Baby Spa Experience

Designed for babies between 0-9 months old, Spa Babies is a 60 minute parent and baby bonding experience.

The website talks about a full sensory experience, where babies will experience spa baths, positive touch and baby facials. It's all about encouraging parent baby bonding, and providing a safe and intimate environment for parents to just 'be' with their babies. This was just what I needed, to spend some quality time with Baby Ruby, away from our usual busy, chaotic daily routine.

I really enjoyed browsing the website, reading all about what to expect, and seeing some gorgeous photos of babies in their robes! It was really simply to book our session, and the communication I received from Lisa was top notch. I was very excited to give it a go!

Spa Babies Review - All About Our Session

I'll be honest, the morning before our session was rather manic! It had started with a stressful school run (involving a nappy explosion), two loads of washing, and answering emails whilst trying to get Ruby to nap. But once I arrived at Cheswick Green Village Hall and met with Lisa, it was a completely different story.

The Perfect Environment

I walked into the Village Hall, and it was like I'd stepped into a tranquil haven of loveliness (OK, Let me explain!). The lights were dimmed, there was relaxing lullaby music playing, and there were twinkling lights bouncing around the room. The room smelt divine aswell... there's no better way of explaining it, than it was like we'd stepped into an actual spa.

There were 3 other babies in the room, with lots of space around each one. Lisa guided us to our 'station' where I got Ruby settled, and started to get her undressed. We had our own little baby bath, a hooded towel, flannel, some comfort balm, wipes, and a couple of bath toys. Once all the babies were settled, we were ready to start.

Lisa introduced the session, and explained what we would be doing. She explained how to use the baby bath, and that afterwards she would guide us through some Positive Touch and a baby facial. Ruby was very excited to get going!

The Baby Hydro-Spa Baths

Now, this is no ordinary baby bath! The baby Hydro-Spa Bath was incredible, and absolutely perfect for a twenty minute splash around in the bubbles. Before hand, Lisa checked the temperature was to our liking, it was lovely and warm. Ruby preferred to sit in her bath, but the smaller babies were lying down, and all of them loved it - there were no tears whatsoever!

The bath had a whirlpool setting on it, which generated tiny relaxing bubbles underneath the water. It was like a mini jacuzzi, and Ruby loved how the bubbles tickled her feet. There was a shower setting too, which made her giggle, and I used this to rinse her hair and back. She explored the bath toys and it was lovely to just 'be' and enjoy the quality time with her.

Positive Touch Guidance and Facial

After around twenty minutes in the bath, I got Ruby out and wrapped her in the hooded towel which Lisa had provided. After popping a nappy on her, she was happy and ready to receive some Positive Touch! This isn't baby massage as such, Positive Touch is simply giving a gentle touch all over baby's body, stimulating nerve endings which helps to release endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin. Lisa encouraged us to get close, talk to baby, sing, and to enjoy this special bonding process.

We each received a small pot of Honest Nurture Comfort Balm to use during the Positive Touch, which had in it Calendula and Borage, and it smelt amazing. Calendula and Borage are great for soothing dry and sensitive skin, and I really enjoyed using the balm on Ruby's skin. Of course, you don't have to use the balm, and you are welcome to bring along your own oil or lotion if you would prefer.

Lisa then guided us through a Baby Facial, which involved touching her face lightly in circular motions. Ruby really enjoyed the facial, and I don't blame her! After all of that pampering, I dressed her in the super soft robe and we enjoyed a cosy cuddle.

The Spa Babies Photo

Last but not least, it was time to get that all important Spa Babies photo! I sat Ruby down in front of the twinkly backdrop, and Lisa popped a turban on her head. Cuteness overload! (If you're not comfortable with Lisa popping the turban on, then of course you can do it yourself). I grabbed my phone to take the photos, whilst Lisa's job was to make Ruby giggle and smile for the camera. Lisa was brilliant with all the babies, and all of them sat brilliantly in their cosy outfits for their mini photoshoot.

Nap Time!

After I had taken far too many photos (!) I got Ruby dressed and gave her some milk. All that pampering had made her super hungry! I could tell she was getting sleepy too, so we said our goodbyes and headed home. And then the best thing happened... she slept for over 2 1/2 hours, and I got to put my feet up with a cup of tea. Bliss!

Spa Babies - A Moment of Zen in the Chaotic Beginnings of Parenthood

This is the slogan on the Spa Babies website, and I think it's absolutely spot on. I lead a very busy and chaotic life with my two girls, and unfortunately Baby Ruby doesn't get much 'quality' time just the two of us. Spa Babies gave us a whole hour to just stop, relax, and enjoy one another. Ruby really enjoyed the experience, but I think actually it was most beneficial for me, and I really appreciated having the opportunity to slow down and bond with my little one.

It's a perfect experience for a new first time mummy, looking for a safe and relaxing environment to take their precious little bundle. It's also an amazing gift for a second time mum (or third or fourth!), who would like some quiet time to relax and just 'be' with their newest arrival.

You can attend Spa Babies sessions right from birth, until the baby is more mobile at around 9 months. Sessions are very popular, and mummies often visit several times to spend that quality time with their little ones. It goes without saying, that Dads are welcome to join aswell!

A Gorgeous Thoughtful Gift

I had received my Spa Babies experience as a Mother's Day gift, and what a thoughtful gift it was! You can buy the Spa Babies Ultimate Gift Box on the website, and it includes your very own Baby Robe, a pot of comfort balm, and a Gift Voucher, all in a lovely gift box. You can also buy a Session Gift Voucher - the perfect treat for parent and baby.

How To Book Your Spa Babies Session

Spa Babies sessions are currently held at Sea Ranger HQ (Sutton Coldfield), Ashorne Village Hall (Leamington Spa) and Cheswick Green Village Hall (Solihull). Click here to view the days and times, and to book your session. You won't regret it!

If you have any questions, or would like to know more, contact Lisa at Spa Babies via the Facebook Page, via Instagram, or Email.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our Spa Babies review.

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