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H2O run a range of school holiday fun sessions from Swim Camps, Crash Courses, Private Lesson Boosters & Family Swims!

H2O Swimming | Summer Holiday Camp in Tile Hill Coventry

Swim Camps - H2O's swim camps offer a range of different activities for children ages 4-12 years. The children stay for the day from 9am-3.30pm. During swim camp the children take part in:

  • team building
  • crafts
  • games (indoor & outdoor)
  • swimming lesson
  • pool play

Crash Courses - On these crash courses, the children will attend Monday - Friday for a half hour lesson each day. This is a great boost for swimmers just starting or looking to improve their skills & technique.

Private Lesson Boosters - If you’re looking to focus specifically on one area, our private lesson boosters are great for that. Available Monday - Friday each week of the school holidays, this half hour lesson gives children the chance to really focus on a certain area.

Family Swim - Bring the family along for a 45 minute play session, available every Tuesday & Thursday during the holidays.

H2O Swimming Timetable:

H2O's sessions take place Monday - Friday during each school holiday (excluding Christmas). Find the timetable online here.

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What Parents Say:

"My little boy has been having lessons for a couple of months now and his confidence has grown and grown, Hannah and her team are fab with him and really take their time with him."

"Can I say thank you so much! Carly never really had any experience with water when we started and she loves it now and is a proper water baby. Macy was petrified of water that was higher than her waist and used to panic whenever it splashed her face, so to see her swim lengths of the pool with only a belt on while laughing at her face getting wet after only a couple of months just amazes me! Thank you!"