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BilinguaSing offer fantastic language, sensory and music classes for kids. Their multi-award winning programme is a unique sensory language-learning adventure that’s loved by parents and adored by children!

BilinguaSing Coventry & Kenilworth | Classes in Earlsdon, Coventry

Sessions take place every Friday during term time:

  • 10:15am - 11:00am - Mixed Age Family  German  (0-4yrs)
  • 11:15-12:00- Mixed Age Family  French (0-4 yrs)

Family classes are suitable for children from 0 to 4 years of age. Even better, if you book for an older sibling, your baby (under 12m) can come along for free! These fun-filled, highly interactive classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers up to 4 years old are all about building your child’s confidence with language and music, as well as boosting their physical and emotional development. Words that your little one is already familiar with in English – such as numbers, animals or family members will be introduced in the second language through a combination of drama, creative play, dance and movement. All of which is set to a fantastic soundtrack of well-known nursery rhymes, original BilinguaSing tracks and traditional French or German songs.

We also offer gentle, sensory elements for newborn babies to encourage relaxation and bonding, so our family classes are suitable for babies from 4 weeks old. Familiar songs and rhymes, in both English and French are accompanied by gentle movements designed to soothe your little one, help them stretch, release trapped wind and find relief from teething and colic; as well as helping to stimulate the development of fine and gross motor skills. Each session is an exciting sensory adventure with our friendly puppet characters, thrilling lighting effects, fascinating bubbles, funky props and enchanting parachutes which will keep your baby captivated from start to finish. 

Held in the meeting room at St Barbara's Church, 22 Rochester Road, Earlsdon, Coventry, CV5 6AG. The venue has a large car park and there are toilet and baby changing facilities.

  • Classes are just £7.00 per session, payable in advance. 
  • Sibling discounts apply – under 12months old are free, over 12months old save a third
  • 1 week paid trial option available
  • Term time only

Click here to book your place! 

For more information, email or call 07565314801

Why choose BilinguaSing?

Early exposure to a second language has oodles of benefits - not least of which is that it’s incredible for your baby’s brain development and learning skills. It’s also good for you too, helping to stave off the dreaded ‘baby brain’. Which makes it one of the best activities you can do with your little one from when they’re just a few weeks old.

The team at BilinguaSing recognise that every child develops at their own pace, so they’ve carefully tailored their baby and toddler classes specifically to the developmental stage of your child, rather than their age.

BilinguaSing run classes in French, Spanish, German and Italian. And while you don’t need to know any languages to join us, we promise that you’ll be singing along in no time!

Read more about the benefits of early language learning here.

BilinguaSing French & German Classes | Earlsdon - image 1BilinguaSing French & German Classes | Earlsdon - image 2
BilinguaSing French & German Classes | Earlsdon - image 1

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