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Join Iva Dyke at one of her yoga classes at Serenity Space in Earlsdon, a small group where everyone’s needs are considered and embraced.

Iva Dyke Yoga | Dru Yoga Classes in Earlsdon Coventry

  • Timetable: 
    • Morning Birds Yoga - Tuesdays 7-7:45 am
    • Relaxing Yoga - Wednesdays  session 1. 6-7pm session 2. 7:30-8:30pm
  • Location: Serenity Space, 1 Kensington Rd, Earlsdon, CV5 6GG
  • Booking: 1hr session £10 pay on the door / 45min session £8 on the door. Block booking also available.
  • More Info: For more information and the latest timetable, email or click here.

Iva's yoga classes are very informal and relaxing, aimed at releasing any tension from the lower back and shoulders, where we all store the most of our emotion and stress.  In the practise you will re-energise our body and mind, unlock any blocked energy, relieve physical tension and create a calm and clear mind. 

Iva will introduce you to set of exercises and body postures (asanas) purposefully designed to address a range of physical and emotional issues. She will guide you through relaxation methods which you can practise and explore at home or whenever in need some calmness and focus in your everyday life.

Currently, Iva's classes are in Serenity Space, in a small studio where everyone’s needs are considered and embraced. This intimate studio holds only 9 people so it is perfect place for beginners to start. The group like to socialise, and share local knowledge, while taking care of their wellbeing.  

For more information, email or click here.

About Iva Dyke

My name is Iva Dyke and I have been practising yoga for over 10 years and trained to become a yoga instructor in 2022. I am very passionate about health, nutrition and well-being. I love to share my passion with other people, and to create local communities where we all thrive. I have always been active and participated in a wide range of action packed sports. However, with yoga I found my calm and perfect way to de-stress in the busy live we seem to live-in. Dru yoga became my way to align my body, mind and spirit.

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