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Kettlebell classes for women, led by one of the UK's most qualified, internationally experienced instructors.

Juno Fitness Kettlebell Classes | Fitness Classes in Earlsdon Coventry

  • Kettlebell Class Timetable: 
    • Tuesdays, 6.30pm - 7.30pm
    • Thursdays, 6.30pm - 7.30pm
    • Saturdays, 8am - 9am
    • Plus open gym sessions throughout the week
  • Location: Juno Fitness, Westwood House, Westwood Road, Earlsdon, CV5 6GF
  • Price: See the website for membership pricing.
  • Suitable for: All fitness levels and abilities

Contact Shell on, or via Facebook or Instagram to find out more about memberships.

About Juno Fitness 

"Kettlebell training was the gateway to transforming my body, and if you let it, it will be the same for you. I mean change physically, but the mental changes that came from kettlebell training far surpass the impressiveness of any physical changes. You need to be prepared to be both humbled and amazed as you make the changes to incorporate real kettlebell training into your life.

 Kettlebell are used in gyms everywhere. 99% of the time they’re used badly and ineffectively, not dissimilar to how you see swimming pools in most gyms, but you can’t swim like a competitive athlete just by virtue of getting in it and having someone give you the instruction, “swim”. Kettlebell training is a skill that kettlebell athletes spend years practicing so that they can use weights heavy enough to cause adaptions to the body; strength, muscle, metabolism, cardiovascular capacity, carryover into every aspect of their physical lives.

These classes are designed to train you in the skill of kettlebell lifting, in line with the original training methodologies to create a strong, athletic and fit body, with a whole new mindset around what fitness means to you. They are led by one of the UK leaders of the hardest-to-pass kettlebell instructor certification in the world, and she happens to also be extremely friendly and dying to teach you everything she knows! You can know exactly what to do to train like a kettlebell athlete, safely,  in your 1x-4x weekly kettlebell classes. 

As part of your signing-up, you’ll do at least 2x personal training sessions with me so that I can teach you safety and skills that you’ll benefit from immediately, and that will enable you to jump into the classes and start progressing class after class." - Shell Gilkes, Personal Trainer, 


"Shell gets it. She gets me. I’m working, I have a family and I love to feel strong. So I’m busy like everyone else. My programmes are focussed on my goal but also my schedule. We’ve discovered I train better in shorter bursts so she’s worked up sessions for me that I can fit in before the school run or when I come back from work." - Jo, Juno Fitness member

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