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Tinker | Make | Play: Brilliantly Bricky Cars


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This Half-Term Tinker | Make | Play Engineers will tinker about with all things circuits, make marvelous machines using tools and take time out to play with loose parts! Make brilliantly bricky cars and add a little extra bling to your vehicles to play about on our Coventry city map!

Tinker | Make | Play: Brilliantly Bricky Cars | February Half Term in Coventry

  • Dates: Saturday 10th February, Monday 12th February, Thursday 15th February, Saturday 17th February 
  • Times: 10.00am - 3.30pm 
  • Venue: Coventry Transport Museum, Millennium Place, Hales Street, Coventry, CV1 1JD
  • Price: FREE with admission | Drop in
  • Suitable for: Suitable for ALL AGES!

Did you ever wonder what engineering is all about? At Coventry Transport Museum, we believe it all starts with curiosity, perseverance, and creativity. In proper engineering style, we have come up with the perfect formula for a workshop that will help develop those engineering skills.

Here it goes: 

Tinker (To tinker at Coventry Transport Museum means hands-on exploring what real stuff is made of and how it works. Take a precision screwdriver and pliers to open up a laptop, vacuum cleaner, or any other everyday item. Find out what parts are hidden behind the covers and see what they do. We will provide a how to with the tools, the safety gear and the reference books because we are also always learning.) 

Make (To make at Coventry Transport Museum means letting your imagination run wild, digging through our huge variety of resources and getting into the flow of making. Whether your project needs hardware, cardboard, electronics, timber, needlework or paint, our workshop will always be stocked with a broad selection of random stuff for you to work with. We will support wherever possible – as we are proud to be some of the biggest cheerleaders for great inventions.)

Play (To play at Coventry Transport Museum means to embrace PlayHEM which involves the nonsensical, the playful, the chaos, the unknown, the uncertainty, the process to make accidental learning happen. Get stuck playing in an open-ended play environment that offers a choice of wonderfully weird, yet also engineering-related, playthings and we will simply enjoy noticing how your whole family unknowingly plays about with engineering concepts.)

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