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To-Do List for Parents in their Third Trimester

Your new baby's arrival is an exciting yet nerve-wracking time! Making a to-do list might help you to feel prepared and at ease as the big day approaches.

- Written by Shawn Richard -

To-Do List for Parents in their Third Trimester

Congratulations on your third trimester! Emotions can peak during this time - from the excitement of a baby shower to prenatal anxiety, but it's time to enjoy yourself by shopping for baby supplies, learning about what's coming next, deciding on a short-list of names, and much more. Here are a few things you should cross off your to-do list as you approach the end of your pregnancy.

Put Together A Birth Plan

Even though things might not always go according to plan, making a birth plan may assist you in making decisions when you are in labour. Through a birth plan, you can communicate your choices for labour and delivery to the midwives - telling them what sort of labour and delivery you want, what you would like to happen, and what you would like to avoid. The NHS has a birth plan template, and some tips for how to write a birth plan.

A Short List of Names

Another must-to-do thing in the third trimester is narrowing down a short list of baby's names. It can often be overwhelming to decide on a name once baby arrives, so it's useful to have a short list to refer to. A unique way to name your child is to use your tradition and ancestors' history; for example, if your ancestors were British, find a beautiful name from British history or if you are of Turkish descent, select some wonderful Turkish traditional names.

Putting up the Cot & Buggy

Putting together things like cots and buggies can be a challenge when you're pregnant - so it's the perfect job for your significant other or a friend who is willing to lend a hand! If you get a head start, things will go much more smoothly after the new baby arrives. The baby's clothing and linen will need to be washed, especially the items you'll need for the first few weeks. If you're in need of some help - Coventry based charity Baby Godiva supply free of charge pre-loved and new nursery items and consumables to families in need, helping to recycle and provide for those that may not be able to afford them.

Choose Your Birthing Partner

Your birthing partner does not have to be your partner or spouse. It can be your friend, parent or relative who will accompany you during childbirth and may be with you for aftercare. Whoever your birth partner is, there are many practical things they can do to help you. The NHS has some useful tips for your birth partner.

Sign up for Pregnancy and Baby Classes

There are some lovely antenatal classes for expectant parents on Coventry Rocks - click here to browse the collection. These sessions will help you to learn about what to expect and make you feel more at ease during childbirth and afterwards. They are a brilliant way of making new friends too.

Once the baby arrives, it's a great idea to explore local baby groups. Coventry Rocks has a wide variety of baby, toddler and children's classes to choose from, you can filter by category and distance to find something close to home. If you're looking to save the pennies, there are lots of free baby and toddler groups in Coventry aswell. We hope you find something perfect.

Bottle or Breast?

Every parent and healthcare provider has a different opinion on breastfeeding or bottle-feed your baby. Do what works best for you and your baby. Knowing the details, and pros and cons of each can help you better understand both options. To get ready, you can buy nursing pads, bras, breast pumps, easy-access shirts, and storage containers. If breastfeeding isn't working out, have some bottles on hand so your partner can help you feed the baby.

Learn about Fourth Trimester

It is wise to learn about the fourth trimester now, as it's difficult to get time to read once the baby is born! The fourth trimester is a time of great physical and emotional change as your baby adjusts to being outside the womb, and you adjust to your new life as a mum. So take some time to learn about the 4th trimester now, and to understand how to take care of your newborn in its first 3 months and what you can do to ease his transition from your womb to the outside world.

Getting Organised

Packing your hospital bag can be an exciting task, but what will you pack? The NHS has a handy list for the hospital bag which will point you in the right direction! Ask your birthing partner to make sure there is fuel in the car. If you have another child, have you thought about who will take care of them when you go into labour? Discuss everything with your birthing partner and any close relatives or friends who can be "on call" when the time comes for you to give birth.

Final Words

Of course, there's the excitement of the new baby's arrival, but you can't help feeling anxious. Making and checking a to-do list can help you feel prepared and more at ease as the big day approaches.

This article has been written by Shawn Richard. Shawn is obsessed with cats, tech, and FPS games. He is a coffee addict, and during his spare time he binge-watches old shows on Netflix or enjoys a good book. Shawn is a true believer of the saying "words have the power to change the world" and lives life embracing the present.

We hope you have enjoyed this To-Do List for Parents in their Third Trimester, and you've got some ideas for how to spend these last few weeks. We wish you all the best for your next chapter.

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