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Rhythm Time offer award-winning multi-sensory music classes for children from birth to 3.5 years!

Rhythm Time | Baby & Toddler Music Classes in Dunchurch Rugby

Timetable: Sessions take place on Wednesdays during Term Time:

  • Toddler - 10:30am (walking to 3.5 years)
  • Baby - 11:15am (2 months to walking)

Venue: Dunchurch Baptist Church, Dunchurch, Rugby, CV22 6RF 

Booking: Click this link to find a class and book your place!

Do you want the best start for your little one, no matter what their own individual needs are? Do you want to watch them grow and develop fantastic new skills whilst having the most amazing musical fun? And what about YOU? Don’t you deserve to make some fabulous new friends, relax, sing, dance and spend some quality time with your little one every week? Welcome to Rhythm Time.

Rhythm Time are passionate about music and how it can help enhance your little one’s development.
Every baby, toddler and pre-schooler is an individual with great potential. Rhythm Time will teach you how to make music fun for your child, and show you how you can help to unlock their potential by singing and making music together. Amazing isn’t it?

Click this link to find a class and book your place!

More information about Rhythm Time Classes

Baby Classes - 2 months to walking

These award-winning multi-sensory baby classes will help your little one’s: 

  • Language development (singing)
  • Eye tracking/ balance (dancing)
  • Muscle development (exercise)
  • Bonding and relaxation (massage)
  • Hand/eye co-ordination and speech development (exploration)
  • Social skills – meeting new little friends! - (socially distanced)

Toddler Classes - walking to 3.5 years

Your toddler’s confidence, creativity and co-ordination will flourish with these fun, quality toddler sessions.  Watch them advance as they: 

  • Explore different percussion sounds, enhance co-ordination and develop a sense of pulse
  • Build their confidence and self-expression through dance
  • Develop listening skills and a musical ear
  • Practise rhymes to develop speech
  • Learn to listen and concentrate
  • Find their singing voice and learn to sing in tune

Rhythm Time is in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage!

Click this link to find a class and book your place!

For more details call Anneka on 07591 720345, email anneka.h@rhythmtime,org, or visit the website.

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